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Manakeep 728x90
(Mar 23, 2016)
To whoever voted anonymously, thank you for voting. However, I can't figure out what you would prefer as a compromise if I don't know who voted that way!
(Mar 16, 2016)
If you are interested in becoming an officer, send Shalathe site mail!
(Mar 06, 2016)
Packing up the stuff to head home. Hope you guys are ready to go this week, cuz I sure am!
(Mar 03, 2016)
Download RCLootcouncil before raid!
(Feb 29, 2016)
We WILL be doing Archi carries this weekend (March 6th). If you're interested in some income, be online at 5:50 on Sunday!
(Feb 22, 2016)
Be better have my bear suit.
(Feb 13, 2016)
Hi :D
(Feb 13, 2016)
Heya everyone! New recruit here, just wanted to chime in and say hello :)
(Feb 10, 2016)
Minecraft server is back up. New server though, let me know if you want the IP.
(Feb 04, 2016)
Medyr, Sub... carry us.
(Feb 04, 2016)
18sec rofl
(Feb 04, 2016)
Woohoo, 4/13M!
(Jan 30, 2016)
If you want to be a part of the heroic Archi carry group, let me know ASAP!
(Jan 22, 2016)
Yay! New power supply arrived. Hopefully this fixes PC issues. :)
(Jan 18, 2016)
Schedule is up for this week's activities. Please check it before spamming me with questions! ;)
(Jan 12, 2016)
Week 2 of MYTHIC PROGRESSION tonight! Hope everyone has their stuff ready to go!
(Jan 05, 2016)
(Dec 28, 2015)
Two week's worth of schedules up! Talk to Shalathe if you have any questions.