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Manakeep 728x90
(Jul 06, 2015)
Grats all on our Gorefiend and Socrethar kills!!
(Jul 05, 2015)
tunnel snakes rule
(Jul 03, 2015)
Update EPGP dkp reloaded
(Jul 01, 2015)
AWESOME 1shot of Kilrogg tonight guys. That was perfect. Read up on the next fights by Thurs!
(Jun 28, 2015)
Made a post for those interested in challenge modes!
(Jun 25, 2015)
Wowhead and Icy-Veins guides up for all bosses.
(Jun 24, 2015)
Someone go bump the WRA thread.
(Jun 23, 2015)
That is bloody awesome!
(Jun 23, 2015)
Check it, guys! We went from #63 on server to #39 according to wowprogress tonight.
(Jun 23, 2015)
Yeah, it's been hard to get solid numbers with hotfixes rushed the weekend before the fight. Arcane is lower than it should be, for example. However within a class the best spec for ST is reasonably accurate.
(Jun 23, 2015)
Roster for the 6.2 drop is posted. Please check it!
(Jun 22, 2015)
EPGP is officially reset. We're starting the tier over.
(Jun 22, 2015)
I've read several sources saying those numbers are flawed for several reasons. I'd take them with an Outland-sized grain of salt.
(Jun 21, 2015)
Unless Blizz manages to squeeze in another hotfix, these are final patchwerk sims for T18 ST:
(Jun 19, 2015)
Added HFC WAs to WA thread.
(Jun 19, 2015)
Updated HFC thread with icy-veins guides.
(Jun 19, 2015)
Don't know if they changed it or I'm just crazy, but apexis upgrade tokens actually cost 20k. My bad.
(Jun 15, 2015)
Updated the guild rules and the "About Us" to make it more understandable. Please look them over and let me know if you have any questions or I missed anything!
(Jun 15, 2015)
Check the updated roster and make sure you're ready for Tues! We're progressinggggggggggg!!!