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Manakeep 728x90
(Dec 25, 2015)
Merry Christmas, guys!
(Dec 20, 2015)
Whelp accidentally deleted our guild's logs. I have them saved on my computer, it's just going to take me awhile to get them all back up.
(Dec 16, 2015)
Doomroller spawns. Power drops. FFS.
(Dec 04, 2015)
If people are getting bored of WoW while they wait for the next expansion, I would like to suggest Tera. played it for a few hours last night and it's a pretty neat MMO.
(Nov 20, 2015)
This week's schedule is up! Please check it - holidays changed the schedule this week!
(Nov 08, 2015)
Congrats on going up a rank on the server guys! (:
(Nov 05, 2015)
Grats on the AOTCs guys! These coming weeks we're really going to be pushing to get all our raiders geared up to the point they can get theirs as well!
(Nov 02, 2015)
This week's schedule is up! Please make sure you are online for the events unless you let us know in advance!
(Oct 26, 2015)
Don't forget to follow our Twitter! @BH_WrA
(Oct 23, 2015) Go upvote our thread. It's reddit, so it's not the "bumps", it's the votes!
(Oct 18, 2015)
Weekly schedule is up! A lot of changes, please make sure you know what's going on!
(Oct 18, 2015)
If anyone is interested, I got my minecraft server up and running again. Lemme know if you'd like to join!
(Oct 14, 2015) something for everyone. Also, we need a Dockside bar in SW.
(Oct 09, 2015) For those interested in the Online Pen and Paper.
(Oct 05, 2015)
Details for this week's schedule on the forums.
(Oct 03, 2015)
HFC Discussion updated with new sources and reformatted to not be modern art.
(Oct 01, 2015)
The GMs heard our pleas and have restored the recruitment thread! Someone tweaked the spam filter a bit too hard trying to crack down on gold sellers. I fail to see what I'm peddling, besides a fun time with awesome people!
(Oct 01, 2015)
Oops! I just realized that! Sorry, it was a late and exciting night ;)
(Oct 01, 2015)
12, Eva. We're 12/13H now.
(Oct 01, 2015)
Grats on 11/13 Heroic HFC!!