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About Us
<Battle Hardened> started out as a group of friends and family, and we'd like to keep it that way, with trust and understanding throughout all of our members. To do so requires a few ground rules.

Please note: These rules may be updated at any time, and the guild will be notified. If someone fails to adhere to one of the rules, they will be given a warningvia whisper. A second warning may be given publicly. If the warning is not heeded (or the slip-up is too severe) they may be removed from the guild pending three or more officer's approval.

General Rules

  • Don't troll trade or other public channels, including /say. When you are invited into <Battle Hardened>, you have our guild tag under your name for all to see. Please respect the guild, and represent us in the best light possible.
  • Respect one another! I know sometimes we might have disagreements, but please try to treat each member with courtesy and respect that you would desire in return. This goes for those outside the guild as well.
  • Do not discriminate. Here in <Battle Hardened> we like to talk mad shit to one another. However, we do not discriminate against race, gender, religious beliefs, or any of those other sensitive topics. If you feel that someone is stepping out of line or you feel uncomfortable, please let one of the officers know ASAP so we can fix the problem.
  • Do not start problems with people in the guild. Drama is something we frown upon greatly! If you have an issue with any guild member, please do not hesitate to bring it up to one of the officers. We will do our best to come see eye to eye with both of you. Drama-mongers will be removed if it is an on-going issue. If the issue is with an officer or the GM bring it to The officer of your choice.
  • Questions are okay! If something doesn't make sense, please ask so we can clarify what we mean. There is no such thing as a stupid question!
  • Mistakes are okay! <Battle Hardened> will (hopefully) be progressing at a faster pace than LFR/normal. We will wipe multiple times on the same mechanic, and that's alright! If someone asks you to focus and watch a certain mechanic, do not take it as something negative; we want you to improve so we can continue moving forward as a group! If you find yourself making a repeated mistake, do what you can to fix it yourself, or ask for a suggestion on how to solve the problem. Repeated offenders will be asked to do extra research. If this is not complied with may be asked to sit until the person improves or fixes the issue.
  • Don't grief the RPers.
  • Char is not allowed to be happy.


We do not allow streaming from any of our guild members without prior consent from all of the officers. Any breech of the privacy of our guild or our members will result in immediate removal from the guild.