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Shalathe / Jun 21, 2017
Team 1 Finishes 3/9 Heroic on the first night!

<Battle Hardened> had an excellent start to the new raid tier, dropping the first three bosses on heroic difficulty, and getting the Sisters of the Moon to 20%.

Team 1 will be pushing more heroic content during our regularly scheduled raid times (Tues/Wed), and then cleaning up normal mode on Sunday.
Team 2 will begin their run in Tomb of Sargeras later this week (Fri/Sat)

We're extremely proud of our progression thus far in the new tier, and we're looking forward to seeing how far we can go!
Congrats on a great start!

Shalathe / May 21, 2017

Due to the demand by our raiders for more mythic raiding opportunities, our 2nd raid team is going to be delving into some mythic content Fri/Sat in addition to our other Tues/Wed team.

To fill some of the holes we have as we transition from a flexible heroic team to a 20man mythic team, we're opening up recruitment specifically for Team 2.

If you think you have what it takes to be a mythic raider on Team 2, talk to Myth!

Shalathe / Apr 29, 2017

Our joint task force stepped back into Mythic Trial of Valor for BiS, shiny transmog, and some progression credit.

After watching our yellow star marker disappear to the floor sparklies and losing some debuffs to DBM, we were able to prove to Odyn that we were pro enough to take on Guarm.

Helya lives for now, but there will come a time when we're bored enough to wander back through hell.

Shalathe / Apr 11, 2017

Our Heroic Progression Team is still pushing through Nighthold. High Botanist fell, bringing the group to 8/10H.

Elisande is next!

We're still recruiting MELEE DPS for our team! If you're looking to progress through heroic difficulty, now's the perfect time to get even with everyone's least favorite orc! (And no, not talking about Green Jesus)