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Shalathe / Jul 16, 2017

Our Fri/Sat team jumped back into heroic tonight, working through the rest of our heroic farm kills and then meeting up with Mistress Sasszine. After dodging jellyfish and murlocs and listening to her shrill naga voice, we managed to feed her to the fishes.

Woohoo on reaching 5/9H!
Shalathe / Jul 15, 2017
Battle Hardened stepped back in time this week for the Black Temple Timewalking event.

In true BC fashion, everyone made sure to wear their mismatched old-world transmogs and turned on the old character models in the game settings before running inside to get perma-rooted for trash.

Illidan was even kind enough to pose for a picture with the group before we kicked the snot out of him and handed him over to his lady love, Maiev.

Overall we had a blast reliving (and relearning) some of the boss mechanics that are routinely ignored in transmog runs, though I think we're all pretty pleased with a few of the directions WoW has gone since then (like fixing tank threat so we don't have to have two sunders before everyone else can even look at the boss)!
Shalathe / Jul 15, 2017

Team 2 has been working through Tomb of Sargeras the past few weeks, perfecting mechanics in normal difficulty and snagging tier sets before moving onto heroic content with the remaining raid time.

Tonight alone we were able to down eleven bosses within raid time - all nine on normal and the first two on heroic. Tomorrow we'll be working through some more heroic bosses, and hopefully have some new pictures to go with the 9/9N 4/9H progression we've already achieved!
Shalathe / Jun 24, 2017
Our Fri/Sat raid team started the new tier on a high note!

We killed 6 out of the 9 bosses in normal Tomb of Sargeras in the first night, the vast majority of which we 1-shot.

We still have another night of raiding tomorrow, and we're looking to finish off Kil'jaeden and the rest of his cronies in the Tomb.

Congrats to Team 2 on such a great start of the new tier!