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Battle Hardened Invades Dazar'alor!

Shalathe / Jan 25, 2019
<Battle Hardened>'s mythic team jumped into the new tier of Battle for Azeroth successfully.

We managed to drop the first two bosses of the troll city on the first night, and got Harambe *ehem* Grong to 8% all on the first night of the new raid.

On day two, the ape died on the very first pull, and then we continued to raid the city's coffers by killing Opulence.

We'll be pushing content later on in the week and throughout the tier, but before that we'll get to see how the heroic team does as they face down the new bosses in normal difficulty.

Here's to blessings from RNGesus for both teams as we continue through the expansion!

Mythic Team: 4/9H Battle of Dazar'alor!


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