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Mythic Murlocs Purged!

Shalathe / Aug 29, 2017

Team 1 did a good deed today when we put a bunch of sickly murlocs out of their misery. Fear not, friends of the Alliance, for the little monsters cannot spread colick and disease any longer!

Killing Mythic Harjatan brings us to 9/9N 9/9H 2/9H. Congrats on the kill everyone!

Edit: Well who said we were done?!

Team 1 downed not one but TWO mythic progression bosses tonight! Belac despawned right before we took our picture, so we had to settle for the big ugly, Atrigan.

At the end of the night we finished 9/9N 9/9H 3/9M! We're a third of the way through the hardest difficulty!



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