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Battle Hardened Tackles the Temple!

Shalathe / Jul 15, 2017
Battle Hardened stepped back in time this week for the Black Temple Timewalking event.

In true BC fashion, everyone made sure to wear their mismatched old-world transmogs and turned on the old character models in the game settings before running inside to get perma-rooted for trash.

Illidan was even kind enough to pose for a picture with the group before we kicked the snot out of him and handed him over to his lady love, Maiev.

Overall we had a blast reliving (and relearning) some of the boss mechanics that are routinely ignored in transmog runs, though I think we're all pretty pleased with a few of the directions WoW has gone since then (like fixing tank threat so we don't have to have two sunders before everyone else can even look at the boss)!


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