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Nick Name: Eowyn
Country: United States of America
State/Province: Mississippi
The day, November 7th, 1994. It was a Monday and a dreadful one at that. A cry was heard in the distant land of Louisiana, as Eowyn Livengood was born into the world. This cry was from the medical staff, having realized the sickness of the creature they delivered. No, really, my eyes were a weird color and I was in NICU for three weeks. Anyways, life passed on with a lot of tom-boyish-ness, kitty loving, and home schooling. I was a strange one. Ah! Here we are, present day. I'm a dual-major (biology and chemistry) senior in college, I changed my last name, and have two cats (Potato and Dooby). I'm slowly drowning in stress, trying to get into med school to become a DO and eventually a surgeon. Balancing work, school, friends, house, and family is really frickin' difficult.

I sew, cook, and do a bunch of crafty things. My three goals in life are to learn how to fix a car, a house, and a severed leg. (Not really, but kind of)

I mostly play a Pandaren frost mage. Workin' on that iLvl, so I don't get lost next time I crossed that stage. I'm fairly new to WoW. Been playing about 2 months now, and my deeps is -okay-, though I need to improve by leaps. Before this, I played a few days of Runescape (which is actually where I found my first, and worst date), otherwise this is...kind of my first computer game that I haven't requested a controller in. Yeah, I'm lame.

So, not the best, not the worst, but that's me. I look forward to the rest. -frost mage, wife of Be. (Eowyn)