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Verile 2/12

Have an important call at 7:30CST (30 minutes before raid). Not sure how long it will last so I could be late.
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Rulender 2/8-2/9 T2

I'm unable to make the T2 raids this weekend. I have to go out of state and get my car serviced/
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Mhryya 2/8 team 2

I am going to an event with some friends and will be missing tonight, 2/8
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Tinymagic team 2 1/25 and 1/28

If i can make in on saturday i will but i have a prior engagement i cannot miss!
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Surlain 1/15-16

I might be late to tuesdays raid and probably at least an hour late the wedsdays due to basic training for my job.
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Kassir/Denebola out 1/2

I'll be out of town until Monday starting on this Wednesday (January 2nd) so making it to raid for that Wednesday won't be possible. I'll be back Sunday night, so its business as usual after that.
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Hallun out Dec 25th to Jan 10th.

Hi, I am heading off to Denmark for the holiday so while I am bringing my laptop to play the Ah - I won't be able to raid or be in the same time zone.Have a great holiday!
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Mhryya out 12/21, 12/22, 1/4, 1/5

More holiday travel! I’m usually around much much more I promise, it’s just this specific time of year when my family travels a lot.
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Mhryya absent from team 2 12/15

I’ll be absent from team 2 tonight as my family is going to a concert downtown. There are a few other days in coming weeks I’ll have to miss due to holiday travel, I’ll be posting the specific ones soon but wanted to give a preliminary heads up.
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Absent 12/12

I am going to see if I can bail, but I might have to miss raid on 12/12
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Arkelaos absence 12/11

Due to my final exam schedule, I will be missing on Tuesday, 12/11. I expect to be here on Wednesday, 12/12.
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Alfonnze Team 1 out 11/21 and Team 23/24

I am out for Thanksgiving 11/21 helping mom out at home with the Turkey day the day before. And doing a friend outing Saturday. It's shitty internet there, so calling off.
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Absence for a while

Work has been very hectic and also, it doesn't help that BFA has been tough to get through in general. I'm going to have to quit playing the game for a bit to take advantage of an important career opportunity that could potentially change me and E...
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Flaffermags - Team 2 - Absent Nov. 2/3(?)

Hi folks, I got back from vacation and now I am sick as a dog. I was hoping to feel better by tonight, but I just don't feel up to raiding. I am so sorry! I'm not sure about tomorrow night yet.
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Flaffermags - Team 2 - Absent Oct. 26/27

Flaffermags - Team 2 - Absent Oct. 26/27
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two weeks absence

Ill need to take a couple of weeks off with raiding. Works has been a bit intense time wise and I haven't had any time with the wife so ill be gone the 22nd to the 31st
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Helping my friend move again on Wednesday. Tentatively calling off for myself since it's only her and I. I have a feeling it'll go past 8 ( Central ) Start of raid for me.
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Team 2

Sadly, due to school obligations I will have to step down from team 2 on my alt. I have a paper due tonight and am just becoming overwhelmed by the work load this early in the semester so I can not stay committed to the team. I will do my best to ...
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absent 76, possibly 7/7

I apologize in advance but I am going through a lot of personal issues atm and am unable to play games on the fly. I will not be here in 7/6 and possibly not on 7/7. Sorry again
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Absent 6-30-18

Will most lily not be at raid
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