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Character Descriptions

Shalathe's RP toon Directory

I decided to write up a basic directory of my characters, as much for my own benefit as anyone else's. If any of my characters seem interesting and you'd like to meet them ICly, please let me know!Shalathe DuskcoverAlesune Ash'manarSabralia Lewyn...
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Character Descriptions

Drascar's RP Character Directory

These are my characters that I play regularly! (All one of them. I'll update this eventually.)
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Drascar2244Small Drascar 2y
Character Descriptions

Tala's RP Characters

Just a few things about my characters.
Small Talandrea 2y
Talandrea3249Small Talandrea 2y
Character Descriptions

Haelind's RP Character Directory

Super abridged and, as always, still a WIP. Still researchin' lore and shit, but basics of the character is there.
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Character Descriptions

RP with Luna

I do allow for power plays, god modding, Marry Sue types and things along those lines if it is part of the plot.. BUT you can not do the following without OOC permission! Killing someone off, injuring them in a way that would change how they lived...
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Character Descriptions

Camaris's RP Character Directory

Highly abridged. This post is for possible future expansion.
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Character Descriptions

Cornu's RP Character Directory

As if I have more than one character.
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