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Battle Hardened’s Raid Trial and You

As you all likely know, we’re planning on retrialing both raid teams for Tomb of Sargeras. Not only are we getting a whole new raid, we’re getting a whole new raid team. Scary, right? Hopefully this post will help soothe some anxieties about our retrials, and better explain what, why, and how we plan on doing things.

Why retrial BOTH teams?

We currently have a roster of roughly 35 raiders (including alts that raid permanently on team2), the bulk of which raid on team1. With iRL and burnout taking its toll on some team1 members, we’re needing to open up recruitment for our mythic team in order to fill spots. Rather than bring in completely new people for team1 spots, we’d like to give team2 raiders the opportunity to step into those roles if they meet the requirements.

We’d also like to make our rosters a bit more competitive. Those currently on team1 should not feel entitled to a raid spot simply because they have been on the team in the past when we needed bodies to fill in; they should feel that they deserve the spot due to their skill and experience as a player. Retrialing all the spots on team1 will ensure that we have the best of the best for our mythic progression team, instead of locking out those who would really benefit the team.

Retrialing team2 at the same time allows us to address any roster composition issues that might arise from pulling raiders into team1, and also give team2 a competitive edge. In the past, team2 has sometimes felt like a “catch all” team comprised of both progression-oriented raiders and casual players that might not understand or care about basic mechanics or raid structures. We’d like to make sure that team2 doesn’t feel like they’re bogged down with scrubs they have to carry every week, so we’ll be trimming some of the excess weight. Team2 raiders should feel that they are still progression raiders that have the skills to tackle high-end bosses in a more casual environment, without the need to be carried to victory.

No one has a set spot on either team - not even the officers.

When are trials happening?

Trials will be happening during the regularly scheduled raid times of the teams the first week of Tomb of Sargeras.

Team1’s primary trials will be happening Tuesday, June 20th, for anyone interested in raiding mythics. After raid Tues, the officer team will sit down and look over logs and raid composition, and do primary cuts. A list will be posted before Wednesday’s raid, and we’ll run with a smaller team the second night. Additional cuts may be made depending on the size of the group Wednesday.

The same will happen for team2, on Friday and Saturday respectively.

What are the requirements for trialing for a team?

900+ iLvl equipped
4piece heroic NH tier
Concordance of the Legionfall
Completed Tomb of Sargeras Questionaire for the appropriate team

If you do not meet these requirements, your raid trial may be postponed until you do. Raid spots might not be reserved for anyone unprepared the first week of ToS.

What are you judging us on?

We’ll be looking at performance during your scheduled trial, which includes your dps/hps and how quickly you can learn and adapt to new mechanics. Attitude is also high on the list of things we’re watching for; we’re all friends here, and want to have that comfortable feeling even while downing bosses. If you’ve raided with us before, we’re also going to take a look at past attendance to make sure that you’re able to commit to the time required.

What if I don’t make the team?

(Firstly, you’re all overthinking this retrial. We’re not trying to be bad guys, we’re trying to give you the best opportunity to succeed in ToS.)

Remember that I said we had roughly 35 raiders (alts included) between both teams. We’ll need 23-25 for the Tues/Wed mythic team, and 10-15 for team2 on Fri/Sat. Until we hit mythic content, team1 will be able to have a flexible roster, depending on how many we have that meet the requirements.

However, please understand that we have a lot of amazing raiders in our guild, but only so many available raid spots for certain roles. Undoubtedly someone will be upset with our roster decision. However, we will be as fair as we possibly order to have the best team to push content.

If, for some reason, we think you’d be better off on the other team from the one you initially want, or you’re not meeting the requirements for either team, we’ll take you aside and talk in discord or whispers.

You’ll be given two weeks to bring up your numbers / get a bit more gear / change your attitude / etc.

During that time, you’ll need to work OUTSIDE OF RAID to fix whatever issue you’re having. You won’t be invited to the scheduled raid, but you will be able to pug mythic+ and pug raids with guildies during that time. It will be your responsibility to learn whatever fights you may be missing during these two weeks.

After the two week probationary period, we’ll bring you back into the raid team to retrial. You might not be eligible for loot during your retrial. If you pass your retrial and your issues are fixed, voilá! If you are still behind, you’ll be given an additional two weeks to figure your stuff out before we pull you in again.

What is the importance of the Tomb of Sargeras Raid Questionnaire?

Those on team1 should be familiar with Shalathe’s love of spreadsheets. We have one for roster composition, for attendance, for gear won, and tier set pieces. Those who raided at the beginning of Nighthold should remember the questionnaire they filled out; this one is similar, with a few added questions.

We run loot council in team1 for loot, and so it’s imperative that we have accurate lists of everyone’s stat priorities and BiS, but it helps more than just the council.

Filling out a questionnaire also requires each raider to have some basis of knowledge of their class’s gear needs, and so they should be better prepared to roll for certain gear that drops. Additionally, if officers find glaring problems in a raider’s BiS lists, we can better pinpoint issues in performance output if it’s gear related. Therefore, we’re requiring each raider to fill out a questionnaire for the team they plan on raiding on, regardless of team1 or team2. This also means that those who raid on alts for team2 will need to fill out a questionnaire for both teams.

But there’s no such thing as a BiS list anymore!
True, BiS lists are easily thwarted with warforged/titanforged/sockets/mythic+ gear. The questions assume that nothing warforges; we’re looking at secondaries and relic traits over iLvl. To know if something is a true upgrade or not you’ll still need to consult your class guides/discords/pawn. This is just to give a rough estimation on what gear you should be aiming for.

It is extremely important that the information entered into the questionnaire is correct. We understand that some of the trinkets/tier have not been fully simmed yet, and are still subject to change. You may need to consult with your class guides/discords outside of looking at the ToS loot lists in order to fill it out completely. If you have any questions regarding your class’s gearing, please talk to an officer and we will try to help you.
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If your name is NOT on this list, you're not trialing for Tomb!
This list does include alts, so if you are planning on raiding with both teams, make sure both your toons are listed!









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