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For mythic raiding, you need 20 raiders. Unfortunately with RL conflicts, emergencies, and performance issues, we need a roster of 23-25 people to insure we have enough to raid on any given night.

I wanted to take a moment to clarify what we meant by "rotating roster", and how it will end up affecting our raiders' schedules.

(Note: You can click on the examples to make them bigger.)

FIGURE 1: The Perfect World
(AKA When no one is ever absent)

In a perfect world when no one has RL issues ever, this is an example of what our schedule would look like.

Every TUESDAY we'll be having one melee and two ranged sitting (please note, how many sitting from each role depends on how many people we have on the roster total, so the numbers each week might change). We're just going down the list, and once everyone sits one Tuesday, we'll start back at the top.

However, on WEDNESDAY, we'll likely be doing progression. We'll be taking the top 20 people from our TUESDAY run. Mechanics and numbers are taken into account, so if you don't want to sit on Wednesday, you need to bring you A game on Tuesday. Those who sat on Tuesday might be pulled in on Wednesday, depending on the performance of those on Tuesday, but there might be some weeks that the stand-by is sitting both days.

FIGURE 2: When RL Hits
(An example with absences)

Each week when people give their absences, they're marked down on the spreadsheet with an X.

From this example in the 2nd week, Melee 2 is supposed to be sitting on Tuesday. However, Melee 5 already knows they will be absent, and has let us know in advance. Melee 2 will be stepping in to fill that absence so that we have 20 raiders.

FIGURE 3: How Things Are Actually Going to Work

You'll notice that if we go by Figure 2, there will be times that certain people will never get a Tuesday off, if someone has an absence the week they're supposed to be sitting. We'd like to share the love a little bit to make it fair, so we're adjusting the sitting schedule slightly from Figure 2.

If we know in advance that someone is going to be absent, we won't list anyone on the sitting roster for that week. Instead, their week to sit will be the FOLLOWING week, when everyone is scheduled to be here. This insures that we always have our 20 raiders, but everyone can have a break from farm content.

Because we're trying house a large enough roster to deal with absences and keep it as fair and organized as possible, there are a few things we need from each of our raiders:

1. Please let us know IN ADVANCE that you won't be here. The sooner, the better. The roster will usually be posted Sunday nights to give people a heads-up, so it's important that we know by then if you won't make it.

2. Please still be online if you are on the stand-by list! If someone lets us know late that they won't be here, or have an unexcused emergency, we need to be able to quickly fill that spot. Alternatively, if someone is lagging mid-raid or isn't performing well, we might have to swap you in partway through the night. It's important that we are able to get a hold of you, even if you're playing around on an alt.

3. Please be understanding and work with us as we make this as fair as we can for everyone. If you really need a piece of loot from a farm boss, we might be able to sub you in for that boss, but there might be times that you just have to wait til the following week to get your gear. We'll try to work with everyone as best we can, but if you want to make certain arrangements, please do so BEFORE raid time starts.

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