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"Good Enough"
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The following took place on March 15th, 2017

Steel flashed on steel as two glaives came crashing together, the scrap of metal following as the two warriors drew back only to take another strike at each other. This sound reverberated across the grassy courtyard just on the edge of Darnassus. Around two dozen Sentinels were training with these weapons, another twenty or so watched, their hands clutching training blade. Large lumbering ancients trudged by, shaking the ground and almost stepping on you of the younger Sentinels who hadn’t learned that the giant trees don’t stop their patrols for anyone. A number of onlookers watched the training from the stone walkway that stood adjacent to the training yard.
Among these were two figures, standing near the back corner as not to draw attention to each other the pair watched the Sentinels below. One was obviously a Draenei, the horns jutting from her head as the tail drooping from behind confirmed as much. The second figure was clad in deep purple robes the only distinguishing feature was the belt around his waist which glowed a dim blue; the only indication of what he was came from the tips of his ears, pressing against the hood that covered his head and most of his face. His gaze was focused on one person in particular. He watched a Night Elf woman as she aided the younger trainees. Helping them with their stances and demonstrating a handful of the strikes the other sentinels were practicing.
After a couple minutes of silence the Draenei leans over to her companion. “Did you want to speak with her?” Vala asked gently. The elf shook his head but never took his eyes off the woman. She was a younger elf, with silver hair and an athletic build that spoke of years of training.

“She knows what happened to me. I don’t want to put her in the position of choosing her family over her people.” Theris, the elf replies. “I just wanted to see how far she came since joining the Sentinels I’m glad she didn’t follow in my footstep.” He admits before holding out his arm. Drops of water fell into his hand and created a pool of water in the center of his purple palm. He raised the hand to his face and rubbed the water against his eyes and mouth. “It’s good to feel rain again.” He says to no one in particular.

At that moment a green stone, embedded in the belt around Theris waist started to glow along with the stone wrapped in gold chain around Vala’s right horn. Theris placed a hand over the glowing gem to cover the glow and was instantly met with the feeling of two minds pressing against his own. One was that of the Draenei next to him, the other was that of another elf. Despite not being anywhere in sight the pair knew who spoke to them. “Are you two on your way?” The voice of Elder Shadowclaw filled Theris’s mind as clearly as if he was standing right next to him. “The others have arrived and are waiting.” He continued followed by several images of a dark room with a round table at the center. Several figures similarly dressed in the same purple robes and glowing belt as Theris, stood around it. The images faded a moment later from the night elves mind.

“We are still at the courtyard with his daughter, we’ll come at once.” Came the soothing voice of his Draenei companion and at that moment the connection was broken, the stone dimmed to their former appearance and the presence of the two minds could no longer be felt. “Come we need to hurry.” Vala told him, turning and walking down the stone ramp. Theris took another look at the Night elf Sentinel with silver hair before turning to follow.

Vala led the way as the pair moved down a steep hill to a path which lead over a number of bridges to their destination. They moved in silence for most of the short journey before they came upon a trio of druids standing at the end of one of the bridges. Vala glances back at her companion. “Stay close to me and don’t say a word.” She orders him sternly, Theris nods and steps closer to the Draenei as they move forward. The group notices the two trying to pass and provide a small opening but do little else to acknowledge them. When Theris passed one of the young druids lifted his head and sniffs the air.

“Do you guys smell something burning?” He asked in confusion, looking around and stepping off the path as if to track down the scent. Theris takes his opportunity and quickly walks away from the group and they argue about whether or not they smell anything.

“That was to close.” He grumbled as Vala caught up with him. “If we stay here much longer someone’s going to figure it out.”

Vala nods, and pushes towards the Cenarion Enclave. “We know but there’s no place else to put you until Shadowclaw can set up a location on the isles, you’ll just need to be patient. Now come on they're waiting for us.” She told him and continued on, beckoning him to follow after her. At Vala direction, Theris continued onto the enclave. Following the cobblestone path the pair entered the first of the great trees used by the Cenarion Circle. The pair entered the trunk of the massive specimen they began to make an immediate descent down the spiral staircase into the darkness. Their only guide was the occasional lantern which was imbedded in the wall to provide only enough light to see the next step.

After several minutes of descent the pair finally hit bottom. The steps opened into a large circular room, almost twenty feet from end to end. Bright blue wisps circled around the wall and thick roots acting as pillars. The wisps powerful blow illuminated the entire room in an eerie blue glow. Bordering the wall were tunnels, marked by red or green outlines around the rectangular frame. Some were open, and through them Theris could see either a thick door or an open room at the end of a short passage. A couple of them had thick tendrils dangling from the ceiling. Upon closer inspection Theris found that they were in fact roots about as thick as the elf’s arm.
“We need to go through there.” Vala said, pointing to the passage to the left, with similar roots hanging down. Theris nodded and stepped inside, his hands grab at two tendrils to push them aside. “Wait!” Vala cries out a second too late. At that moment the two roots sprang to life, the quickly coil around the elf’s arm up to the biceps and squeeze tightly. He cried out in pain as the root gripped him, as third tendril flexed and swung up to his neck, wrapping around his throat as it began to choke Theris. Vala was at him by then, her hands up by her horns, fingers rapidly unwinding the gold chain. She drew the green gemstone down and pressed it against the first root she could get her hands on as Theris let out a wheezing sound, desperate for air. The tendril Vala had grabbed stung out to entangle her as well but instantly went slack as the green stone in her hand started to pulse. After a second pulse the plant life holding Theris released him. He collapsed to the ground, clutching his throat and noisily gasped for air.

“What the Fel was that?!?” Theris demanded when he finally caught his breath again, not out of the tunnel where the roots had grabbed him.

Vala joined him and helped the man up. “That was a part of Shadowclaws security system. These ones wouldn’t have killed you but I trust it was a lesson of paying attention?” She asked, her hand resting on a sign which read in glowing red lettering. “Do not touch the roots.” Theris looked at the sign, dumbfounded for a second before he was snapped back as the Draenei pushed him forward. “Now come on we’re almost there.” She urged him forward. A command must have been given after the stone touched the roots for all of them had bent against the walls of the tunnels. Despite this Theris moved quickly, careful to not so much as graze the deadly things that could ensnare and crush him.

Still Panting Theris made his way to the back of the tunnel, baring his way was a sturdy wooden door. The wood was dyed black with a dark blue paw print, painted near eye level, acting as the only decoration. Theris looked to Vala for guidance, hand inches from the door. “Push it open.” Vala told him after wait a couple of seconds expectantly. Theris hastily compiled and pushed on the door, it slid open silently, revealing a large, open room before him. The room was circular with a large round table fixed in the center. Along one side was a small wall of panels, designed to provide privacy while the opposite side adorned what looked like troughs with rather large mushrooms growing out of them.

What drew Theris attention however was a small group of three elves, each dressed in the same purple robe, glowing belt as him. They stopped their talk to examine the newcomers, smiling brightening when the recognized Theris. One of the elves was a male while the other two were female; it was one of these women who waved a hand to beckon him over. “Theris, over here.” Ayeana called enthusiastically. Theris looked back at his companion but she was already gone, moving towards a second group this one was much more diverse with humans, a gnome, two Draenei, and another elf. Each one wore unique armor tailored to their specialization.
Theris was about to recount; in detail the events from his time in Darnassus when a door, hidden in the wall to be almost invisible, slides open silently. Two elves enter the open space, one was Elder Shadowclaw, his white and gold robes were missing their more ornate pieces of armor did nothing to make his seem any less formidable. Walking beside him was a striking figure, clad in dark combat leathers that covered most of her body, was a young elf. Nel’lyn looked small next to the Elder but carried an imposing figure due most in part to the viscous looking daggers hanging from her hips, resting next to a row of multicolored vials. The weapons were not was drew the eye however, it was the burnt orange skin, revealed along her arm, neck, head, and anywhere else skin was showing. Along her arm a yellow tattoo ran up from her hand, disappearing under her armor only to reappear at her throat coiling around the back of her neck. Nel’lyns face was bare of any tattoos. Her eyes glowed a soft orange while charcoal black hair cascaded down her down past her shoulders.

Despite her appearance no one appeared shocked or fazed by the druidess of the flames. The Elder himself hardly seemed to notice her. The pair approached the table as everyone else in the room followed suit. Nely’lyn carried a long tube under her arm, once at the table she unrolled it onto the flat surface revealing a large map before the group. The map itself was of the entirety Val’Sharah, the westernmost region of Highmountain and the very north of Azuna. Places like the Temple. Dreamgrove, and Blackrook Hold were labeled. A vast majority of the map was marked with different colored dyes. Surlain waved a hand over the most prominent section which was almost all red. “You have all been given notes and maps of Val’Sharah. This is an updated map showing where the Nightmare holds sway in red.” He explained, his hand touching five small black paw prints within the Nightmare. “These are our points of attack. I’ve been scouting the Nightmare for weak points to exploit. The goal is to hit all five, observe what effect it has on the Nightmares attacks and the Circles efforts to push it back. If the progress isn’t enough we will regroup and make another attack. Once I and the Circle are satisfied with your progress I will announce to them the Incendiary Orders involvement. Even they will not be able to doubt your use and will, at least allow you five to stay and help. If we’re lucky more of your Order and come and aid us out here.” Surlain looked from each of the robed elves; they were smiling at each other and the prospect to prove themselves finally.

Wedrus raised a hand, “What if a patrol of the Circle or other Night Elves discover us before then?” He asked with some concern on his face.

“It depends, if I’m not with you, you all will make a retreat to one of the safe points. You need to contact me as soon as possible and I will do my best to throw them off the trail.” Surlain replied. “If they catch me with you all then, still make a retreat and I will explain the situation to them. Hopefully they’ll understand but if not I’ll join you if I’m able.” Surlains finger taps three orange marks, one in Highmountain, two in Azuna, and one on the coast in Val’Sharah. “These are your safe houses; I’ll explain how to access them and where they are when we get to the Isles. Head to the closest one if you’re found out.” Surlain turns slightly more grim and threatening. “If you are going to be captured do not resist. You are not to harm any Night Elves or Druids of the Circle intentionally.”

The four robed elves before him nodded, the danger out disobeying that order could be heard within his tone. “We’ll be setting up in a small house within the forest near the Shrine of Ashamane. The first target is right next to where you will all live, we’ll burn it then see if we can’t grow the area from the ashes or if the Nightmare will still hold sway over that area.” Surlain rolls up the map and slides it over to the group. A human, takes this time to hand over a purple robe and glowing belt to Nel’lyn. She takes both and, after putting on the robe she fastened the belt around her waist. It glowed brightly as the robe itself seemed to brighten. Ripples passed over her skin for a moment before her flesh turned a darker, purple hue, her hair following suit and her eyes shifting to a bright silver glow. “We’ll take this time to have my mages look over your mana gems and the spell work on those robes.” Surlain explained after the transformation was complete, his hand gesturing to the privacy panels taking up half the room. “Behind there is combat armor you’re to wear under your robes in case of an emergency. Strip out of those robes, and had them to Trixie or Clanar when you’re ready.” The human nodded and a small energetic gnome jumped up, and waved at the group.

Surlain turned to the assorted group of races. “You have you assignments; find me a quick and safe way through Dalaran. You're all dismissed.” He told everyone at the table. And stepped away, Nel’lyn followed him and they began to engage in energetic conversation.

Ayeana looks at Theris with a playful grin. “And so it begins.” She said ominously before turning to make her way to the paneled off room, the other druids of the flame following behind her.

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