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"Good Enough"
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The crisp mountain air of Hyjal drifted along on a gentle breeze as the purple crow skims through the air. Surlain was determined as he swooped down to the forested floor leading away from the world tree. The guard atop the mountain had increased since the legions failed attack on the peak, more druid aerial patrols could be seen as flocks of similar looking birds scanned the mountain. The occasional green dragon could be seen as Surlain hugged the forest floor on his way west. The druid wheels into the air before nosediving into the crater that contains the Shrine of Goldrinn, landing on the night elf ruins which stood in the center of the crater. Surlain scans the surrounding area with his hawk-like vision for any threats or spy’s to his work. Besides the occasional flocks, who never drifted down into the crater itself, Surlain was alone save for a handful of Worgen who tended to the shrine. Satisfied with this Surlain drew himself into the air and carried himself to the cave at the south-eastern end of the small valley.

Surlain shifts into his feline form and quickly sniffs around the cave, making sure no one was hiding in it. After confirming that he was indeed alone Surlain returns to his elf form and draws out a small orb, the violet magic within pulses briefly, scanning the area for any wards or traps. After a few minutes the orb flash purple, signaling it detected nothing, and collapses back into his palm. Surlain packs it away and waits at the back of the cave for his contact. He didn’t have to wait long, as the back of the cave started to glow brightly with a red tint and the entire area grew hotter and hotter. A fiery orb hovers in the air for a moment before it start to expand into a ring and pull itself wider and wider until it was the size of an average portal. The portal hovered there, radiating heat and pulsing between red and orange when a form emerges from it. The tall, lithe figure of a female night elf draws herself away from the portal but it was obvious she was not a normal elf. Her skin was a deep orange hue that seemed to radiate heat, dark violet hair that turned black at the edges, and despite the scars that lead from her hands up to her shoulders and the slight scarring on her right cheek the woman was beautiful by all standards. Clad in a light red robe that covered most of her form, she looks around the cave, as if expecting a trap before settling her gaze on the one other person in the room. “Elder Shadowclaw, it’s good to see you again” she druidess of the flame addresses Surlain before dipping her form in a small curtsy.

Surlain smiled and inclined his head to her. “Indeed it is Ambassador Vixen” he replied, using the name she chose despite the fact he had learned of her true identity months ago. “It’s been a couple months hasn’t it? How Fox?” Surlain asked, stepping across the cave to sit on a rock, motioning her to do likewise.

“My husband it well, it’s good of you to ask.” Vixen replies, stepping away from the portal her fingers make a flicking motion and the ring shrinks back into the small fireball floating in the air. “I have to admit I was a little concerned after you missed our last two meetings, I was afraid you had forgotten about me or you didn’t care about the Incendiary Order anymore.” Vixen put on a playful pout directed at the druid.

Surlains shakes his head at her and leans against the wall enjoying the heat from the portal for a moment. “We’ve been a little busy with the invasion, the legion has returned to Azeroth, they pushed back out initial attack on them. We lost a lot of good people so far” Surlain explains to the druidess.

“We know of the legion’s returning, some elementals have even been tasked by the new Firelord to aid in the war but I had no idea that things were that bad, what do you want from me?” She asked, rubbing her scarred palms together in agitation.

Surlain glanced over his shoulder for a moment to check that the coast was clear. “I’m sending my agent, Fireclaw, to you. He has orders to head to Chimney Keep and await your people, hopefully you meet him there. I want you to take him to your leader, I have an offer I want to make to him and I feel only Fireclaw can negotiate with your order.” Surlain explains. “The legions attacks are going bold and it’s time for your Incendiary Order to do its part.”

Vixen raises an eyebrow. “That may well be. But in turn, I fear that you may not understand the gravity of the events in the firelands since we last met. Are you aware that both Crematius and Vesuvia fell only 3 months after Geddon was defeated? Are you aware of the alliance between the Incendiary Order and the Earthen Ring to rise up a new champion?”

Surlain paused for a moment before replying, “I had been told of the power struggle within the Firelands and I know of the new Firelord. But my agent within the Earth ring failed to mention the sighting of any druids of the flame during the struggle.”

“Interesting. That will please the other members of our order to hear that,” Vixen muses. “We can and do lead troupes on the warfront, but when we do; our advantage comes by not being detected for what we are until it is too late. Our key function to the Earthen Ring so far has been reliable intelligence and mobility. If we have been doing our job properly, we have not been visible during this recent struggle to either Lord Smolderon or Pyroths camps. Possibly not even to all the members of the Earthen Ring.”

“It appears your order already acts with the stealth and cunning I was concerned I’d need to teach them. But I want to impress upon you the severity of the threat we’re currently facing. The Nightmare has returned and it causing untold damage to our world. Cenarius and the Dreamer have both fallen to its corruption already.” Surlain explained to her, watching the fire druid carefully all the while.

Vixen’s face plays at amusement to his first comment but says nothing. However she does betray surprise and almost disbelief when Surlain mentions ‘the Dreamer.’ She mouths ‘Ysera’ without voicing the word. “Really…” She takes pause, saying nothing, although clearly she is deliberating. “Perhaps we can arrange a meeting. Can Fireclaw make his way to the Earthen Ring? We will send word to Yvonne Stormdotter in the Earthen Ring to expect a guest, and she will show him in. However, I think it would be good for both of you to be present for such a meeting, if possible.”

Surlain nods grimly as Vixen puts the pieces together in her head. “Yes and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The corruption to the world tree in Val’shara, the forests surrounding it and its inhabitants is extensive and horrifying. I’ve already had to kill a former teacher when she was consumed by the corruption.” Surlain taps a wooden spearhead that hung from his belt. “There is no need to go through such measures; Fireclaw is on his way to the Firelands if not already there by now. I have a Draenei friend in the Earthen Ring who communicates my orders to him within the Firelands. And there would be no reason for him to meet with your leadership if I could make the journey. I have duties of my own within the Circle.

“Then we will await his arrival in the Cinder Plains, stay safe.” Vixen tells him and turns back to the portal and passes through it, the portal snaps shut a second later and the cool breeze of Hyjal brushes against his skin once again. Surlain turns and leave the cave, there was a lot of work to get done.

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