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MINIMUM Raid Requirements:

Gear Requirements
Average iLvl 840+
20+ talents in your artifact weapon
3 relics in your artifact weapon
Gear fully enchanted (Neck, Cloak, Rings) - 850+ BiS stat gear Binding minimum
Gear fully gemmed - 850+ BiS stat gear 150+ stat gem minimum

3 flasks per night
40 prepots per night
40 health/mana pots per night
40 300+ food per night

Deadly Boss Mods
Exorsus Raid Tools
Working microphone

Raid Specific Necessities
Research ALL bosses in the Emerald Nightmare on NORMAL AND HEROIC difficulties

A few notes:

Enchants/gems are extremely expensive. If you can't afford Bindings, make sure you at least have Words on your gear.

Chaos Crystals (and other enchanting/gems) are going to go UP in price when everyone goes to enchant their new gear. Stock up on mats or enchant your things BEFORE Tuesday.

If you don't want to have to pay an arm and a leg to provide materials for yourself, DONATE TO THE GUILDBANK. Once we have a nice pillow, we'll be able to provide materials for a reduced cost (or even free like we did last xpac) - this requires EVERYONE to chip in and help the bank! Quit being stingy and playing the AH!

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