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General Absences


We love when you are around to play with us, but we understand when you cannot.

If you cannot be online for something that you signed up for or an activity that has a roster that you are a part of, please don’t stress – just let us know ahead of time.

The best way to inform the officers of your absence is in the absence forum. That way it is documented for all the officers to see, and it won’t get lost in in-game mail or whispers.

Extended Absences

If you plan on being gone for an extended period of time (vacation/holiday/out of game time/need a break from WoW) but want to continue to be a part of our family when you get back, you need to let us know on the guild site in advance. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that your character will survive the guild clean-up if your toon is offline for months on end.

Absences and Roster Spots

Some of our teams (progression raiding team and RBG squad) have attendance policies that are slightly different than our general guild attendance policy.
To continue to have a set spot in either of these teams, you must be able to commit to all of the scheduled days for those teams. Uncommunicated absences will result in sitting the next raid night the roster permits.

If you cannot commit to the schedules for these teams, it doesn’t mean that you are automatically declined guild membership, or even team membership - It simply means that we will be taking our regular members before those who cannot commit to the attendance policies. If there is a spot available after all our regular members are in the group, you may still be invited if you meet the other requirements of the group (iLvl, experience, etc). However, loot eligibility might be affected if you are unable to make the majority of scheduled raid times.

Obvious exceptions to our rostered attendance policy are emergencies, and other situations cleared in advance at the discretion of the officers. These absences must be logged on the guild site.
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