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The Burning Legion has returned.

Troops were rallied in defense of Azeroth and sent to fight on the Broken Shores.

Did your character participate in the Battle of the Broken Shores? Did they know someone who was sent out to push the demons back? How many didn't return?

Were they there to witness the fall of King Varian Wrynn? How did they react seeing their leader fall in combat? What about the Horde's betrayal?

After the battle, how are they coping with the knowledge that the Burning Legion is here in full force? Some of the demons that were seen were those who our characters may have killed did they react to knowing that they will have to face them again?

What are they doing now with their current knowledge as they prepare for the invasions rocking the countryside?

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I can't believe nobody's responded to this!

Being draenei, my girls are affected hugely by this. I actually just posted a topic on this on the main WrA forums if you're interested, but here's what I wrote on my Alliance characters.

Xoxaa, my main and also my beloved (lol <3) has had very little direct confrontation with the Legion, but it is perhaps the adversary she has the greatest loathing for, despite being someone who is normally pretty calm or even bubbly. The Legion has hunted her people for millennia, and she saw their work firsthand in indirectly manipulating the Orcish Horde to raze her people's land on Draenor and do the same on Azeroth. Many of her friends and her family, including her merchant parents were killed in the Battle of Shattrath by the orcs, a race she and her sisters once truly admired. Worse yet, she was a helpless young adolescent at the time who was always sick and needed medical attention, so it was terrifying and traumatizing for her. Seeing the Legion's work firsthand on Draenor and the absolute devastation it has caused, has left Xoxaa with a grudging fury that has previously been absent in her previous excursions against Azeroth's recent threats. It potentially has the potential of endangering Xoxaa, as she's already quite reckless. For the first time, it would be accurate to say she's a bit bloodthirsty towards this emerging threat. Only this time, her salt is accompanied by an older, and much stronger and healthier Xoxaa who now commands the mighty fury of the elements.

Umbraa, the oldest sister of the trio, used to be part of the Legion. She knows more about their inner workings and the atrocities they've committed. Bearing a grudge and disdain for her own people and the hypocrisies of her culture, she originally sought out the Legion to earn their favor. However, she began to see just how twisted the forces she had joined were. Her hatred would eventually end up being her undoing, as her life was turned on its head and she soon became committed to destroying the Legion from the inside. She ended up becoming a double agent masked as her providing intel on the Scourge which had gone rogue for the Legion. She had hoped the Scourge could be turned against the Legion, thereby weakening both of their forces, but Umbraa was eventually found out and brought under control of the Scourge. Once she was liberated during the Northrend campaign and began seeking redemption by her own people on Azeroth, she turned a new leaf, but her hatred still clung to her, only now it was for both the Legion and the Scourge, and as before, she will happily use their own dark powers against them. Oh, and she's going to have a lot of fun tormenting and torturing the Legion. Her bloodlust towards them might never subside, and she's going to enjoy with great enthusiasm watching them suffer and wither away to her own dark abilities.

Iskaa on the other hand has directly faced the Legion's associates in combat, particularly during the Battle of Shattrath. She also was the only one of the sisters trio to retain her faith in the Light, to the extent that sometime later she became a vindicator and a full-fledged paladin among Velen's forces. Her zeal towards the Legion is like that of many of her people, but having additionally learned more about the Legion's atrocities from her sister Umbraa and seeing her suffer so much because of the Legion's activities, the fight against the Legion has become even more personal than it already was, and now she commands the wrath of the Light. Her challenge now is to retain her commitment to holy virtues while struggling with her intense anger and vindictiveness towards the Legion that threatens to damper her own Light-blessed abilities.

My other draenei share a similar rage to the sisters trio, but since they too were young, they never faced the Legion directly like their elders have. Although one of them also had joined the Legion like Umbraa, she too left them, sought redemption, and uses her scholarly knowledge of the dark arts to destroy them. They all look forward to taking the fight to the Legion and eradicating them.
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