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"Good Enough"
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When we were all young, we looked into the future and saw ourselves as something truly amazing. Something awe-inspiring and powerful. We saw ourselves as heroes, immortal and untouchable.

How have the visions of your younger self changed? What would the childhood version of yourself think of you now? What would they say? What would you say to them?
#12596173 Aug 03, 2016 at 07:46 PM
"Good Enough"
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Azrexil looked around the room he found himself in. The room had a single door leading in and out, no windows, and a ceiling that seemed to stretch on into the endless void. Nothing hung off the walls in decoration or ornament, no fireplace broke the seamless stone. The only things in the room was a small round table with three chairs.

Azrexil sat in the biggest and most ornate chair. To his left sat his shadow, cold and calculating, to his right, sat a small boy with bright purple eyes and messy black hair. For what seemed like an eternity, the three sat in silence, each looking at the other two. For the little boy, the two figures were imposing, and powerful, and he looked up at them with awe in his bright and happy eyes.

"Why are you wearing people's skulls?" He asks Azrexil. "Are they real? Did you kill them?" His question wasn't one of horror or disgust, but something akin to amazement. "I bet you did," He continues. "I bet they were all really powerful bad guys, and you had to stop them. That's it isn't it?" His eyes were full of admiration as they fixed on Azrexil.

"No. Not all of them were bad." Azrexil corrects him. The boy looks crestfallen, "But, each one was necessary." He added hastily, searching the boys face for any sign of the previous light. Seeing none, he turns to his shadow, whose head hug low, arms on the table. "They were necessary..." He whispers, the question half forming.

"He can't understand." His shadow whispers. Its voice haggard. "He just...can't understand what you did." The shadow lifts its head up to look at the boy. "One day you will. But how could you possibly understand anything right now." His shadow stands up and sweeps back its chair in anger. "Come on big guy... Look at him! He still thinks you're a mage!"

The boy gasps, his eyes darting back to Azrexil. "What are you then? Did you give up?" His eyes dart back and forth between him and the shadow, confusion on his face.

"I am a," Azrexil pauses, and looks over to his shadow. "I am a warlock." He looks back to the boy. A look of horror and fear on his face. Azrexil hangs his head and his shadow turns his back to the table. "It's not what you think. They needed us to learn what the orcs were learning. To fight them."

"My dad always tells me I can't be mean to my sister just because shes mean to me." The boy says matter of factually. "And he also says the orc warlocks are evil." The boy looks up with some apprehension. " evil?"

Both Azrexil and his shadow look at each other before quickly looking away. "I don't know anymore." They both said in unison. "I know you can't understand this right now, but its not always going to be as simple as good and evil, or right and wrong. Sometimes, you have to do something that yesterday you thought you would never do. Do you understand?" Azrexil asks pleadingly.

"No." The boy responds. "That sounds like you're trying to say doing bad things is O.K." He stands up and walks towards the door. "Mom wouldn't want you... wouldn't want us to do bad things. You should stop being bad." He walks out of the door, leaving Azrexil seated alone at the table, a single tear rolling down his cheek.
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