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Everyone has secrets, some trivial and some that could change lives forever.

Does your character hold secrets about themselves? What do they know of others' secrets? Are they trustworthy, or a blabbermouth? What consequences would happen if the secrets your character knows were suddenly brought to light?
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"Good Enough"
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Azrexil sighs as the dust settles over the Highmaul Coliseum. On the ground in front of him, kneels a paladin in scorches and dented armour. Blood flows from wounds to numerous to count on both Azrexil and the paladin. The crowd falls deathly silent, awaiting the decision the warlock needs to make.

"Well Darkstorm. We both knew one of us had to loose." Azrexil looms over the beaten paladin, his shadow standing awkwardly behind him. "Now, I don't NEED to kill you, but I did promise an old friend of your's that I would." He crouches down and grabs Darkstorm's face with his singed fingers. "Look at him."


The beaten scarlet knights all knelt before Azrexil and his Commander. A few other Argent Watchmen stood with them. "Any of you who renounce this foolish crusade, and wish to fight the real enemies may do so now," The Commander's voice was rough and dirty like gravel. "Any who choose not to, can have a private talk with my warlock here." Azrexil's eyes light up bright green.

"I will join." A single knight stands. "I renounce this..corrupted order and pledge myself to you." The paladin known as Culgrim Darkstorm stands before the Commander and Azrexil. The Commander nods and leads the man away, the rest burn in felfire.

"TRAITOR!" One of the burnt men screams out. "His singed scarlet hood mark him as an Inquisitor. "I will find you Darkstorm and I will kill you. I will kill you and your new family." He faints. They leave him to his fate.


"You remember our old friend right? The inquisitor for the day you defected? Well, turns out, he's willing to forgive me and even pay me quite a hansom fee to kill you for him. Right here, in front of all the other Argent Watchmen, and they can't stop me." He lifts the beaten paladin up by his dented shoulder plate, a wicked looking dagger in his other hand.

"You.... I knew you were evil." Darkstorm whispers to Azrexil. "I hope they see it before it's too late."

"Oh, we both know they won't." He whispers back. "Not even your pretty little wife sees me for what I really am." The dagger sinks into the paladin right under the breast plate, up into the heart. "None of you see me for what I am."

Azrexil lets the lifeless body fall to the dirt. The other Watchmen are horrified. The crowd is ecstatic. The warlock's face is impassive. He turns to leave the arena a small glowing purple orb in his hand. He tucks it away into his robes before anyone notices.

"Good job warlock." A hoarse voice calls out. "Catch." A rather large purse of gold lands on the ground in front of the warlock. He picks up the coins and exits.


"You remember the deal, right Darkstorm. You and Belladonna leave town tonight. They all think you're dead, and that bounty should be enough for the two of you to start a new life. If anyone sees you around here again, we're both in grave danger. I can't just keep putting you in soul stones."

"I had you figured wrong warlock. You were not what I thought you were."

"I did try and warn you." They nod knowingly at each other. "Farewell....friend..."
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