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What does your character do for fun or to relax? Why do they enjoy it? Did someone teach them this hobby, or did they learn themselves? Do others know about this hobby? Why or why not?
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"Good Enough"
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Azrexil groans as he stands up, stretching out his back. His normal armour replaced with well worn work clothes. His pants faded, his shirt dirty. His hands are so covered in dirt and dust that he almost can't see the subtle green tint of his fingers. The hot sun beats down on his hood, pulled down to keep the light from his eyes, a thin scarf across his face to keep the dust out of his mouth.

He looks over to his tome, lying open to a page with intricate summoning portals and circles. Azrexil looks around the space hes standing in, noting the location of each rune in the book to the corresponding place in his circle. He makes a few minor adjustments and steps back carefully out of his circle. He sits down and picks up his book.

"Not bad, not bad at all. You might need to move this one over here into the light more. Might not work there, too much shade." His shadow said with a hint of mirth.

"Can't move it. Needs to be there." Azrexil replies putting his tome down. "Everything needs to be perfect. Needs to be the same."

"Oh whats the worst that can happen? I mean, you don't need to be so strict with this. This is supposed to help you relax. Just... have fun with it."

Azrexil looks around his circle once more, making sure each placement is precise and exact. "Don't you see? Perfection and rigidity helps me relax." He leans forward to slightly tweak a single piece of one of his placements.

"You know, that does look good boss. I think this one will really draw it all together. Your mother would be proud." His shadow places its hand softly on his shoulder. "You inherited her gift, that's for sure."

Azrexil stands up, hands on his hips, looking out over his rose garden. "You know, I think for once we agree on something." He looks at his shadow and lets a small, warm smile creep onto his face.
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