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Please feel free to use this system for your events if you would like. I've posted it here for your reference.

/Roll systems will be at the discretion of the DM.

(Credit goes to <Sentinel>, who I borrowed these from with permission)
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PvP (Duels or fights against other players)

This system is referred to as the 'crits and counters' system.

For the PvP system, both players will roll to see who attacks first.

Bob rolls 13 (1-20)
Joe rolls 17 (1-20)

In this case, because Joe rolled higher, he would strike first. At this point Joe would emote an attack attempt.

Joe draws his blade, giving a shout and lunging towards Bob in an attempt to run him through.

And both players would roll once more.

Bob rolls 11 (1-20)
Joe rolls 4 (1-20)

Since Bob rolled higher, he would dodge the attack and make an attempt of his own. So on and so forth.

Bob side-stepped the blow, drawing his own longblade and dashing forward with a slash aimed to Joe's side.

Roll again.

Bob rolls 20 (1-20)
Joe rolls 9 (1-20)

Because Bob's roll was more than 10 points higher than Joe's roll, he does critical damage, dealing two points to Joe.

Bob grins in with satisfaction as he finds an opening in Joe's defenses and slaps the flat of his longblade hard against his side.


If your attack roll is higher than their defense roll, you hit, and deal 1 damage.

If your attack roll is more than ten points higher than their defense roll, you critically hit, and deal 2 damage.

If your defense roll is higher than their attack roll, you dodge.

If your defense roll is more than ten points higher than their defense roll, you dodge and land a guaranteed counter attack that deals 1 damage.

The number of hits required to 'knock out' your opponent can be decided between the two players before the match begins. Three hits is ideal for a short duel, five for a longer match.
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PvE (Against NPC enemies or mind-controlled PCs)

Each participant begins the event with a baseline of 10 hitpoints.

When you hit 0 HP, your character is knocked unconscious and is out for the rest of the event. Occasionally, in the event of a healer crit, a DM may allow a healer to "revive" your character.

- - - - - - - - - -

Non-combat rolls. - D20
Perception checks, sneak checks, etc.

1-9 - Fail.
No information is gained, or the mechanic's activation fails or backfires.

10-20 - Success.
The check or mechanic succeeds. See individual mechanic descriptions for their specific roll tables.

- - - - - - - - - -

Combat Rolls

You may be given roll penalties or bonuses on the fly depending on the current situation (This is up to the person DMing the event.)

1-3 - Critical damage.
You are majorly injured or your heal fails. This is critical damage done to you and does 2 damage to your character's health. Damage only occurs if there are ranged enemies, or if you are within melee range of a melee enemy. If there are no ranged enemies present and you are out of range, you do not take damage.

4-7 - Minor damage.
You get hurt but not horribly. This does 1 damage to your character's health. Damage only occurs if there are ranged enemies, or if you are within melee range of a melee enemy. If there are no ranged enemies present and you are out of range, you do not take damage.

8-9 - Avoid damage, but deal none.
You may do minor healing, 1 point of healing to a single person. If on the offense, you perform an evasive maneuver, dodging or parrying any blows made towards you.

10-18 - Successful Hit.
You hit successfully, either dealing 1 point of healing or 1 point of damage. If you're fighting a large group of mobs you may kill one target. This, of course is up to the DM to explain.

19-20 - Critical Hit.
You do major damage (2 points) to your target, or instantly kill it depending on the situation. You may also critically heal, doing 2 points of healing to a target, or 1 point of healing to 2 targets. If fighting a group of mobs, you may kill two targets.

After coming out of stealth, you gain a +5 to your roll as ambush damage. This is a baseline bonus.

- - - - - - - - - -


To make things easier on the DM, you will be posting a specific thing at the end of your emote. If you deal damage, you will list the damage you dealt and to what target. I.E. (-1 <target>). Healing is the same deal, with a (+1 <target>). Damage to yourself is (-1 <Your name>). Shields are (+1 Shield <target name>)
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Character Attributes ("perks")

You may choose 2 perks ("Dual spec") for your character. You may only use one perk per event, and cannot change mid-event.

Perks can only be used during PvE events, not PvP duels.

(Yes, I know these are Kaldorei-Sentinel-Specific. I'll get around to editing it eventually.)

Your blinding rage makes you much more powerful in the face of even the most fearsome adversaries.
You find yourself able to crit your opponents much easier now, at the cost of some of your defense.
Effect: It now takes you 3 points less to score a crit. A roll of 16+ is now double damage. However, it now takes 4 points less for you to critically fail. 4-7is now always 2 damage taken, and 1-3 is 4 damage taken. You also deal double damage--A normal hit is 2 points of damage, a crit does 4 points of damage.

Your defensive mastery allows you to recover and even act on your mistakes with ease.
You find yourself able to deflect and parry even seemingly fatal blows.
Effect: Once every 3 rounds, you may prevent yourself from taking damage. However, you cannot deal damage on the next round.

Knowing where and how to strike is half the battle.
Your expertise in combat allows you to strike harder and with more precision.
Effect: You gain a permanent +3 to your rolls for the duration of the event. However, your 'fail' margin is now 1-9; You may no longer dodge attacks, an 8 or 9 is now 1 point of damage.

It's said that the greatest offense can also be the greatest defense.
Your watchful gaze and unrelenting resolve allows you to become a literal living bulwark. Only active during combat.
Effect: Your 'hit' margin is now 1-3, and you only take 1 point of damage when hit. However, your dodge margin is now 4-12, and you may no longer deal critical damage.

Recuperation: (Cannot be taken by Healers)
Buying yourself some time to take a breather can mean the difference between life and death.
Sometimes dodging comes in handy. When avoiding damage, you have a chance to regenerate health.
Effect: After successfully dodging two attacks in a row, you regenerate one HP. This cannot exceed your maximum HP.

Merciful Prayer: (Healing Casters Only)
"Elune, guide me so I might be an instrument of peace.
Where there is hatred, let me bring love.
Where there is wrong, let me grant forgiveness.
Where there is doubt, let me sow the seeds of faith.
Where there is despair, let me inspire hope.
Where there is sadness, let me spread joy.
Where there is Shadow, let me shine the Light of the Moon."

You let out a desparate plea to the powers that be, begging for their mercy.
Effect: Your critical hit chance is now 17-20. When dealing critical damage, you only deal 1 point of damage/healing and instead gain a shield for 1 point of damage on yourself or your target. When being critically hit, you only take 1 point of damage, and shield yourself for 1 point of damage.

Failure is not an option. Don't get sad, get pissed.
When failing a roll, your temper gets in the way, allowing you to eventually succeed.
Effect: After failing a roll, you gain a +4 on your next roll.

The sharpest eyes lead to the greatest riches.
Your attentiveness comes to fruition at last.
Effect: You gain a +3 to all perception and skill checks. However, failing a check results in Blindness, resulting in a -3 for the next roll.

Flurry of Blows: (Melee Only)
The primary factor in a successful attack is speed.
Your combat training has allowed you to strike faster than most, however this leaves you open to counter-attacks.
Effect: Once every 3 turns, you may attack twice (at -3 per roll). For the round after, you lose your ability to dodge (Minor damage range increases to 4-9).

I pity the fool!
You have a sense for preying on the weak and constantly find yourself in position to deliver the killing blow.
Effect: When an enemy has 50% HP or less, your Crit range increases to 10-20 and you deal +1 damage. If you fail to hit your target, your attack throws you off balance and you are unable to attack the following round.

"AND NO MACES!" - Lonika Stillblade
Assassins, while urchins, are often the backbone of every society.
Effect: After you deal critical damage, you may re-stealth, mid combat (+5 to your next roll). If you critically fail while stealthed (after the +5 bonus), you will receive a -5 to your next roll.

Wild Magic: (Damage Users Only)
Magic is a double edged sword, as the Kaldorei have come to learn. Though in the right hands, it can be a devastating weapon.
Your mastery over the schools of Magic have allowed your spells to become that much more powerful. However, with a increase in power, comes an increase to danger.
Effect: Your critical attacks, while casting spells, deal double damage to your target enemy and cleave all other nearby targets for 1 damage. Upon critical failure while casting a spell, your spell instead backfires, dealing 1 damage to all nearby party members. In single target fights, critical damage deals 2 extra damage. This effect does not apply to healing spells.

Blessing of Elune: (Healing Casters Only)
Elune-Adore, and may the Goddess light your path.
Elune's benevolence and mercy fills you with strength, allowing you to carry on in even the most taxing of situations.
Effect: If you crit while healing, you gain an extra point of healing to all heals cast for the next two turns (+1 HP becomes +2, so on and so forth). However, you cannot deal any damage during those next two turns.

Counter Attack:
Your training, while extensive, still means you can fail. However, your fail is a little bit less fail than others...
Effect: After critically failing, you deal the same damage back to your enemy. However on the next subsequent turn, you cannot deal damage normally. You can, however, still receive it (and if you're unlucky, proc Counter Attack a second time!)

"I'M HOLDING OUT FOR A HEEEROOOO!" - Every raid leader ever.
A surge of adrenaline courses through you, prompting you to let out a mighty war cry and inspire those around you with your sheer ferocity.
Effect: Every 3 turns, you may let out a Rallying Cry. Instead of rolling a normal D20 for your turn, you will roll 1-5 instead. Depending on the result, you will give your group a bonus to their rolls. (You roll a 2, the group gets a +2 to their next turn) You deal no damage during this turn and the next, but you may still receive damage.
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