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Logging started on 06/20/2016 at 20:18:58.
20:55:00 Melker-WyrmrestAccord clears his throat.
20:56:03 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord is flipping through a thick book. She doesn't notice the throat clearing.
20:56:03 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: AHEM!
20:56:16 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I wanted to apologize.
20:56:27 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: This lady explained it all to me.
20:56:33 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: That you can't all turn into cats.
20:56:40 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord folds his arms across his chest with a scowl, one eyebrow raised.
20:56:52 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I was born in a barn literally.
20:57:02 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord jolts, closes her book, and turns to look at Melker.
20:57:16 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Don't look so shocked, that's normal for humans.
20:57:25 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I grew up on a farm, you're the first elves I've met.
20:57:31 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord sighs. "No, you surprised me. I was reading. That's all."
20:57:45 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Well. I am glad you could make it.
20:57:59 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Because we found some disturbing things.
20:58:05 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I will have to catch you both up.
20:58:14 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Bloody...
20:58:27 Melker-WyrmrestAccord coughs.
20:59:05 Melker-WyrmrestAccord holds a box out to Talandrea.
20:59:18 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: First, let me introduce my old friend.
20:59:23 Melker points at Mystermagic.
20:59:27 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: That's Myster.
20:59:41 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: And hopefully the priestess will arrive soon.
20:59:55 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord tosses her book on her pack, takes the box, and smiles at Myster. "Nice to meet you. I'm Talandrea Stormleaf. And what is this box?"
21:00:08 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Open that very carefully.
21:00:26 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: It's some type of herb or fungus. I brought it back specifically so you might identify it.
21:00:39 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: It is somewhat like the dust we found from the smugglers.
21:00:41 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord glances at Myth, then slowly opens the lid. "I see." She peeks inside.
21:01:24 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Myster caught a snootful of it.
21:01:34 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: And he lost his mind. Thought we were going to kill him.
21:01:58 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I need to know specifically what that foul stuff is.
21:02:16 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord raises both brows. "... interesting. I'll, ah, need a moment, if you don't mind."
21:02:23 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Of course.
21:02:36 Melker-WyrmrestAccord eyes the other Kaldorei.
21:02:46 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Erhm... You do speak Common, don't you?
21:03:08 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Priestess!
21:03:22 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord mutters something about Myth speaking Common before wandering off to a tree to investigate the fungus.
21:03:34 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: hello Melker.
21:03:37 Talandrea kneels down.
21:03:37 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord licks his lips dryly, "Yes, I speak Common if needed."
21:04:05 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord looks down at the Druidess. "Oh hello, what are you doing down there?"
21:04:10 Melker-WyrmrestAccord smirks at the tall Night elven man, "I see. This is the Priestess Daderossa."
21:04:29 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Priestess. This is...
21:04:31 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord bows before everyone.
21:04:38 Melker-WyrmrestAccord gestures to the man so that he might introduce himself.
21:04:59 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord 's eyes widen. "Huh? Oh, Elder Shadowclaw? I'm... trying to identify this fungus. What are you doing here?"
21:05:29 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord raises his eyebrows, as if asking if Melker was talking about him, "Woodpaw."
21:05:42 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Woodpaw.
21:05:56 Melker-WyrmrestAccord looks at the man a moment more.
21:05:58 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Well!
21:05:59 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: Oh I thought I'd visit stormwind for some herbs you can't get in Draneor. Saw you and your companion and thought I'd see what you were up to.
21:06:21 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord smiles weakly. "We're back to helping the humans with an investigation, it seems."
21:06:23 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I would lecture you for escaping from your armed escort... But, I don't really have a leg to stand on.
21:06:27 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord kneels next to the druidess and looks at the fungus she was fawning over.
21:06:36 Surlain kneels before Rygarius.
21:06:55 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: I am very sorry.
21:06:56 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord fully opens the lid and turns it toward him. "Careful not to breathe it in, I'm told it causes insanity."
21:07:31 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I'm only glad you returned alive.
21:07:37 Daderossa smiles.
21:07:47 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: It's bad enough to have asked a civilian for as much help.
21:08:17 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: I am happy to help
21:09:08 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord turns to Mystermagic "How is our friend doing?"
21:09:08 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: But, why did you leave the guards?
21:09:16 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: He's been alright.
21:09:21 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Myster.
21:10:04 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord frowns. "I had too. After that horrible incident in silverpine. I didnt want them to get hurt again"
21:10:09 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord grins. "Oh really, well then lets give it a gander shall we." Surlain picks up a small heap of the spores and examines it for a minute or two. "I think I've seen something like this in Hillsbrand once before, I was planning
21:10:09 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord experiment with it before the undead took over. YOu know after the whole cataclysm thing."
21:10:11 Mystermagic bows before Daderossa.
21:10:43 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: I am doing great Priestess. Thank you for your concern.
21:11:11 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: Still not sure what caused that "episode"
21:11:27 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I'm hoping Talandrea can figure that out, Myster.
21:11:38 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: Thank you friend
21:11:39 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord blinks. "Oh, really? Actually..." She takes another moment to examine the fungus, then nods and carefully closes the lid. "Actually, yes, I think I've seen this before. Just --" She purses her lips. "Be careful? Taking a sample like -that-..."
21:11:40 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Who is that elf with her?
21:11:56 [Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord]: Elder Shadowclaw.
21:12:03 [Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord]: Eldershadowclaw.
21:12:13 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord clears his throat uncomfortably.
21:12:14 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Uh... I don't speak that.
21:12:29 [Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord]: Elder. Shadowclaw.
21:12:41 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord enunciates, speaking very slowly and clearly.
21:12:48 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Thank you.
21:12:56 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Can you introduce us to him?
21:13:05 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord slides the heap he gathered into a small vial. The glass flashes blue for a moment before for he places it back into a pouch. "I'm always careful. Perhaps you should inform your companions."
21:13:33 [Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord]: I apologize for taking so long. I do recognize this fungus.
21:13:44 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: You do? Where have you seen that before?
21:14:09 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: And, more importantly...
21:14:25 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Elder Shadowclaw.
21:14:30 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord hands the box back to Melker. "It looks like the fungus the smugglers had."
21:14:47 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: So, it is that stuff... damn.
21:14:54 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Please, sir, come near.
21:14:57 Melker beckons Surlain over.
21:15:03 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord looks over at Surlain. He nods his head slightly in greeting, deferring to the older man with a frown.
21:15:09 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes?
21:15:12 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I want you all to meet the Priestess Daderossa.
21:15:25 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: She has gone above and beyond the call for a citizen.
21:15:34 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord returns the nod to the student druid.
21:15:37 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: And, I would ask you to hear what she says next.
21:15:39 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord blushes.
21:15:50 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Please, Priestess. Tell us all about your findings.
21:17:19 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: We found a recipe book
21:17:43 Melker-WyrmrestAccord quirks a brow at the Priestess since he too is counting on what she found out.
21:17:57 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Did she tell you who wrote it?
21:18:05 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: It did not seem to be the work of mere smugglers.
21:18:11 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: It contains many differnt recipes for poisons, hallucigens involving a fungus. THe book also contains information about where this fungus is located
21:18:26 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: THe book is in Gutterspeak.
21:18:37 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: Of course it is.
21:19:11 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: I do not knwo who wrote it. There is no mention of an Author.
21:19:28 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Does it seem to be from the Apothocary?
21:19:48 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: no sir.
21:21:52 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: So.
21:22:06 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: This could mean we have a splinter group.
21:22:08 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord fidgets.
21:22:38 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord sighs and pinches her brow. "Wonderful."
21:23:14 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I ask you, citizens of the Alliance to band together and aid me in stopping this plot.
21:23:45 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I can surely hunt down smugglers, but I don't know anything about poisons.
21:23:58 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Where did you say you had seen this before?
21:24:59 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord glances at Talandrea out of the corner of his eyes.
21:26:02 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord snaps out of her thoughts. "... sorry. I saw this with the smugglers in Elwynn."
21:26:27 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes.
21:26:34 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I'm asking you all to join forces with me.
21:26:54 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Woodpaw.
21:27:00 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Elder Shadowclaw.
21:27:05 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Talandrea.
21:27:14 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord rubs her forehead. "Yes, yes, I will help you."
21:27:25 Melker-WyrmrestAccord looks to the other elves.
21:27:50 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord shrugs. "Sure I've got nothing better to do tonight, sounds like fun."
21:28:03 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord squeezes his eyes shut at her response, inhaling roughly through his nose, "Fine."
21:28:20 Melker-WyrmrestAccord gives them a smile.
21:28:25 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Thank you.
21:28:35 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Now. I will tell you one final detail.
21:28:53 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: There was a Death Knight at the old farm where we found the powder and the book.
21:29:43 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Let's not underestimate the danger.
21:30:20 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Where shall we start this search?
21:30:41 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord 's ears flick downward. "Let's make haste to HIllsbrad."
21:30:48 [Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord]: ... I need to change first.
21:31:16 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Come then. Take the flight to Arathi and we'll sneak into their territory at the wall.
21:31:32 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Let's move out. I'll have my guards bring up the rear.
21:31:37 [Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord]: Of course.
21:37:48 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: The Priestess Daderossa does not know the elves or Melker's asociation with them. She risked her life to go into Horde territory to get some idea of what that book meant.
21:38:20 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Talandrea and Elder Shadowclaw have knowledge that can help them find out who or what is behind these strange writings.
21:40:00 Daderossa looks at you.
21:40:04 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: Um.. sir.
21:40:12 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: ...
21:40:13 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: You appear to have a bird on your head.
21:40:22 Melker gasps at Surlain.
21:40:27 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I thought you... Wait!
21:40:35 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: You can turn into a bird?!
21:40:38 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord cants his head at the man.
21:40:40 Melker-WyrmrestAccord is so confused.
21:40:49 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord tilts her head up to the sky.
21:40:51 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes, I'm a druid.
21:40:54 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I thought... But... she said you can't all turn into ...
21:40:55 [Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord]: And it begins.
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21:41:07 Melker-WyrmrestAccord sighs.
21:41:15 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Can any of you track?
21:41:27 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I suppose it would be rude to assume you can change into a hunting hound.
21:41:42 [Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord]: Depends on what it is we're looking for.
21:42:03 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Can you smell herbs if they are quite different from natural ones around an area?
21:42:28 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord gives his head a slight shake, looking over to Surlain.
21:42:50 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord taps her nose. "I should be able to help with that."
21:42:53 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: Not but I could try an sense any that shouldn't belong.
21:43:37 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Mn, well. We'll do.. Wait.
21:43:52 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Er, not to be totally rude, but are you a ... Like these two?
21:43:57 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Druid?
21:44:48 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord pauses, his eyes flickering over to Surlain with almost contempt, "Yes, though I cannot shift as easily as the others."
21:45:01 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Ah, I see.
21:45:15 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I have a lot to learn about elves it would seem.
21:45:31 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord returns the look with a grin.
21:45:34 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Let's start out. That way it will be nearer to dark when we cross into their territory.
21:46:01 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: You can take whatever conveyance you wish, but stay near.
21:46:19 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord smiles at Myth. "I'll travel with you."
21:46:34 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Hope he doesn't crap on my head.
21:46:59 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord swoops down and bats the mans head with his wing at the suggestion.
21:47:07 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: ACK!
21:47:19 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Apparently birds have good hearing as well.
21:47:25 [Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord]: ... yes. We do.
21:47:49 Melker-WyrmrestAccord watches the Forsaken woman dart off towards Hillsbrad.
21:48:07 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Any patrols in view?
21:49:10 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: No patrols yet.
21:49:12 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Priestess, how did you meet that Forsaken woman?
21:49:20 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: Apologies friends. I had some business to take care of.
21:49:36 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord mutters under his breath towards Talandrea.
21:49:57 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: It's alright, Myster.
21:50:06 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord frowns "It is not a happy subject of my Life. I would rather not talk about it"
21:50:10 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: So far, nothing much has happened.
21:50:18 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Of course, Priestess. I was only curious.
21:50:34 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: It wasnt on pleasant terms.
21:50:34 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord nods at Myth, frowning. "I can fly ahead and scout, too."
21:50:38 Daderossa frowns.
21:50:43 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Myster, maybe you should tell them what that powder did to you.
21:51:03 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: My memory is a bit foggy
21:51:05 Talandrea looks at Melker.
21:51:17 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Do you remember attacking us?
21:51:39 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: Not you per se... I am only aware now that I tried to attack you
21:52:05 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: I was definitely not myself
21:52:18 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Hold!
21:52:23 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Caution here.
21:52:26 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord looks around
21:52:32 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: We must stay away from their check point.
21:52:47 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: let's move as quickly as possible.
21:52:53 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: There are elementals here.
21:53:47 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord pants.
21:53:57 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Let's be careful here. A moment to catch our breath.
21:54:01 Melker eyes Surlain up and down.
21:54:05 Mystermagic kneels down.
21:54:06 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: You...
21:54:16 [Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord]: Elder, the more you shift, the more you confuse him.
21:54:26 [Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord]: He doesn't understand anything about Druidism.
21:54:29 Melker-WyrmrestAccord examines the bird the cat shredded.
21:54:29 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord chirps in agreement.
21:54:36 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: Good.
21:54:42 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: This is all rather strange.
21:55:02 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: Theres a small breach to the north.
21:55:11 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Priestess can you move again?
21:55:14 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Are you rested?
21:55:29 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: We'll go through the wall there. It isn't well guarded, is it?
21:55:33 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: Im fine
21:55:57 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: not used to all this running is all
21:55:57 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: As they pass the elementals one attacks Daderossa!
21:56:05 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: AAAh!
21:56:42 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Daderossa's dress is lit on fire!
22:01:12 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord lunges towards the elemental, shoulder first. His goal was just to push it back away from Daderossa.
22:01:47 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Myth lands on top of the elemental, but now HE Is on fire!
22:02:02 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Priestess is pushed out of the way, but now the druid is in trouble!
22:02:11 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Priestess is still on fire!
22:02:19 Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord springs into action as he hears Daederossa scream as her robe has caught on fire. He attempts to quell the flames with one of his many frost spells.
22:02:58 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: The Priestess is extinguished! She is no longer aflame!
22:03:02 You kneel down.
22:03:25 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord swipes a paw at the elemental, well out of it range but this is followed up by a powerful gust of air surging towards the elemental to blow it out like a candle on a birthday cake and put out a flaming druid. Or at the very lease blow the two back.
22:04:09 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Elder Shadowclaw misses with great extravagance and finds a huge gust of wind from all the magic sends him tumbling to the ground!
22:05:05 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord rolls for a bit but manages to land with all the grace his current form possessed.
22:05:34 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord caws, flaps her wings, and summons her own gust of wind for Mythrenath (and the elemental). She attempts to put the fire out!
22:06:13 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Woodpaw still burns! And now all these elementals are noticing the incursion of outsiders!
22:06:44 Melker-WyrmrestAccord runs to his horse and pulls out the horse's blanket. He runs to Woodpaw and tosses it over him to extinguish the fire.
22:07:01 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: BUT THE BLANKET HAS TOO MANY HOLES IN IT!
22:09:00 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord casts [Power Word: Shield] on Mythrenath in an attempt to protect him from the fire.
22:09:09 You kneel down.
22:09:27 Mystermagic applauds at Daderossa. Bravo!
22:09:38 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: Well done m'lady
22:09:46 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: And now all the elementals know we are here!
22:09:49 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: You are no mere civilian it would seem.
22:09:51 Mystermagic smiles at Daderossa.
22:09:59 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord offers a hand to help Mythrenath up "Thank you for saving me"
22:10:18 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Help him!
22:10:23 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: We must flee!
22:11:13 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord offers her hand, too. "Are you all right enough to walk? We need to go..."
22:11:53 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord winces, tugging on his leather armor that was a mess of burnt crisps and melted pieces, stuck to his skin, "Pull it off.."
22:12:18 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Talandrea's spell relieve's Woodpaw's pain and stops more burning, but it does not fully heal him of the burns.
22:12:28 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord grimaces and sets to peeling the burnt armor from his skin.
22:12:38 Talandrea kneels down.
22:12:59 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: We do not have time! We are in peril. More will come to attack. Help him to a horse and we'll stop when we are safely away.
22:13:21 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord 's ears flick. "... give me a moment."
22:14:40 Talandrea kneels down.
22:14:51 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Myster is attacked and prevails against an elemental as does Elder Shadowclaw. The Priestess manages to protect herself, but cannot drive off the elemental attacking.
22:15:07 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord kneels slightly, nudging Myth's arm with her snout.
22:15:18 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Get him on the beast!
22:15:30 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord grits his teeth, snarling as he pulls himself up.
22:15:46 Melker-WyrmrestAccord will lead them away and protect them as they move on.
22:16:40 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Stay a moment.
22:16:46 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: We need a scout here.
22:17:03 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Can you treat his wounds while Elder Shadowclaw does this?
22:17:31 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord grasps Tala's fur as best he can, his breath coming in spurts between his clenched teeth.
22:17:59 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord tilts her head, looking at Daderossa.
22:18:09 [Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord]: Just go, come back for me. I'll wait.
22:18:27 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord arches his back and yawn before padding ahead silently.
22:18:30 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: We're not leaving you.
22:18:58 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord looks at Mythrenath "Let me see your wounds.
22:19:44 Melker gasps at Surlain.
22:19:48 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: We're good for now.
22:19:56 Melker cowers in fear at the sight of Surlain.
22:20:03 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Oh.
22:20:06 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Ahem.
22:20:15 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: No undead yet.
22:20:16 Talandrea kneels down.
22:20:16 Melker-WyrmrestAccord glances at the other druids.
22:20:31 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord looks at the human, amused at the outburst.
22:20:36 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord scowls at Melker, lowering an arm for Daderossa, "Can you not tell by his eyes?"
22:20:46 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord kneels to give the priestess better healing access to Myth.
22:21:16 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord hovers her fingertips over the seared flesh. Careful not to touch but casts [Renew] over the wound.
22:21:24 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord lifts his muzzle and sniffs that air. "Anyone else smell that?"
22:21:37 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Smell what?
22:21:52 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: Fish I think.
22:22:10 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord sucks in air between his lips, narrowing his eyes at the mending of his skin.
22:22:17 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Fish? But, we're not near water...
22:23:03 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord continues to cast for a few more minutes until Mythrenath's flesh is completely mended.
22:23:28 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord turns and walks off though the gap in the wall. "This way." He tells them, sniffing the air as he goes.
22:23:35 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: WAIT!
22:23:55 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Elder Shadowclaw in bearform finds something ... interesting.
22:24:16 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord looks at Mythrenath and whispers "Im so sorry I caused all this"
22:24:54 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: The party runs after Elder Shadowclaw!
22:24:58 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: What is it?
22:25:08 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: Let find out together.
22:25:49 In quiet contemplation, you mourn the death of Rampaging Owlbeast.
22:25:54 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: What's up there?
22:26:01 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: WAIT BEAR!
22:26:25 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: He found something.
22:26:43 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: The bear leads us to a path!
22:27:17 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord pats Tala's flank, trying to get her attention.
22:27:23 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: What is this?!
22:27:29 [Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord]: Here, put me down; I can walk well enough.
22:27:32 [Surlain-WyrmrestAccord]: A path I think.
22:27:43 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord stops, then nods and kneels down so he can dismount.
22:27:45 Talandrea kneels down.
22:28:14 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: The bear takes off running
22:28:14 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord shudders and rubs her arm as she shifts back to her elven form. "Not a moment too soon."
22:28:33 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord after shifting back** ))
22:28:55 [Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord]: Are you all right? Do you want to follow them?
22:29:02 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Up ahead a blood elf appears!
22:29:39 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord motions with a hand for her to follow, "Yes, I'm coming." His breath is still a bit ragged, but he didn't look like he was on the verge of collapsing anymore.
22:29:51 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: The elf tosses a grenade at the bear and Melker. It's a type of flashbomb!
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22:30:30 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: The bear has dust in his eyes, but is otherwise unharmed. The elf tries to escape!
22:30:33 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord frowns. She brushes up against his side, attempting to put his arm around her shoulders. "Here. I can help, if you want me to."
22:30:39 [Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord]: ... though I think we should hurry, yes.
22:31:09 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord accepts the help without complaint, and trudges up the hill towards the others.
22:33:45 Melker beckons Talandrea over.
22:33:51 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Look what the bear found!
22:33:56 [Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord]: Coming, coming. Apologies.
22:34:07 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: This place is empty. It's not Ravenholdt.
22:34:17 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Here is a garden with mushrooms.
22:34:28 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord plops down on the brick wall, resting while he could.
22:34:48 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord 's eyes widen. "These are the mushrooms we've been trying to find."
22:34:56 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: Looks like we hit the jackpot!
22:35:11 Mystermagic kneels before Chryson.
22:35:17 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord looks around. Her hand covering her gapping mouth "So many"
22:35:23 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: Friends...
22:35:26 [Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord]: Oh no!
22:35:39 Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord cries out in pain from behind stabbed from behind.
22:35:44 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Myster!
22:35:57 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: The elf appears out of nowhere and stabs Myster!
22:36:34 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: He is bleeding, but no major organs are ruptured. There is no poison in the wound.
22:36:42 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: I was a fool to leave my guard down like that
22:37:01 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: This is a dangerous place.
22:37:06 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Forgive me, my friend.
22:37:07 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: Priestess... can you try to heal this wound please?
22:37:52 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord rubs her forehead, muttering something to herself in Darnassian.
22:38:41 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I don't like the look of this... There is so much of it. What could they be planning? Who are they?
22:38:54 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord sniffs around till he finds a mushroom that smell tasty, he bites down on it and chews the thing, swallowing it down.
22:39:45 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: For some reason the light has forsaken Myster. Lucky for him, Daderossa's skill has stopped the bleeding.
22:40:09 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: Thank you m'lady. I am glad to have you with us on this journey
22:40:16 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Did he just eat that?!
22:40:28 Mystermagic bows before Daderossa.
22:40:31 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Talandrea, did Elder Shadowclaw EAT a mushroom?!
22:40:46 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord kneels down to examine the mushroom. "Did who eat wha -- oh, I don't know, I wasn't paying attention. Did you, Elder?"
22:40:48 Talandrea kneels down.
22:41:06 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord looks over her shoulder.
22:41:17 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord glances up, glowering at the bear.
22:41:27 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord rubs his muzzle with a paws, a couple spores drift to the ground as he looks around, who were these people again?
22:43:23 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: The bear starts to hallucinate. All his former friends look like HORDE ORCS COMING TO EAT HIM! AHHHHHH!!!!
22:43:39 Mystermagic gasps at Surlain.
22:43:41 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord slowly backs away.
22:43:59 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord looks over his shoulder at the commotion, eyes narrowed.
22:44:04 Melker-WyrmrestAccord tries to move himself between the bear and the rest of the unarmed people present.
22:44:19 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord looks at the group, his eyes turn a bright amber and he lets out a powerful roar. Stepping towards the man in plate and swinging a massive paw.
22:44:48 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Melker's shield takes the hit, but he falls back and is on the ground.
22:44:52 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord stumbles back from the mushroom, yelping.
22:44:53 Melker lies down before Surlain.
22:44:59 Talandrea kneels down.
22:45:03 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: John!
22:45:40 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord charges over the man and raises his paws, trying to crush the orcs plate under his weight.
22:45:48 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Talandrea is knocked aside, but it otherwise unharmed.
22:46:11 Melker-WyrmrestAccord is being crushed by the bear until his next turn.
22:46:25 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord pushes himself to his feet, eyes livid as he watches Tala fall. Swaying slightly, he glares at the Elder.
22:47:08 [Lorebane-WyrmrestAccord]: (Hi im seein what happens when u get friendly with syndicate, Ill not kill stuff near u while u RP)
22:47:17 Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord spring into action with the powers of the arcane to attempt to polymorph the attacking bear.
22:48:06[Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: The spell hits, and for a moment, the bear DOES turn into a sheep, but he pops right OUT of sheep and is angrier then before!
22:48:54 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord growls at the Mage, the spell rippling over his fur. His form shifts between sheep and bear before he charges the mage.
22:49:25 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord roars ferociously, leaning over and shifting into a massive bear. With a loud growl to get the Elder's attenton away from the mage, he charges forward, lunging with open paws.
22:49:55 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Woodpaw's attack hits! He knocks the other bear aside and with fur flying ... THEY BATTLE!
22:50:10 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord turns and rears up, trying to swat at the new bear, growling as he prepares the charge again.
22:50:41 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord turns his head to roar at his companions - hopefully they got the hint to back away while they could.
22:50:50 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord scrambles backwards, openly staring at bear Myth.
22:51:06 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord takes cover near a cart. She casts [Power Word: Shield] on Melker In an attempt to protect him from the rampaging bears.
22:51:54 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Daderossa protects Melker with her spell!
22:52:19 Melker-WyrmrestAccord is able to crawl away from the bears though he is injured.
22:52:54 Talandrea kneels down.
22:53:00 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: His injuries aren't as bad as they might have been because of plate and shield. He has cracked ribs and ruined plate.
22:54:03 Mystermagic kneels before Surlain.
22:55:07 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: I can't "Bear" to watch this
22:55:18 Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord gives an example of mage humor
22:55:28 Melker-WyrmrestAccord groans in agony over the pun. He tries to throw a rock at Myster.
22:55:33 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord shakes his muzzle, the forms of the orcs shifting and shimmering. He growls at what had to be arcane magic, spotting a elf alone he turns and charges her, paw coming up in a powerful swipe.
22:56:44 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Talandrea is knocked aside, but suffers nothing more then a ding to her dignity.
22:57:48 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord cries out as she's knocked back. She glowers at the insane bear, digs her fingers into the dirt, and attempts to draw up roots from the earth to entangle him.
22:58:00 Talandrea kneels down.
22:58:17[Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: The roots do not take!
23:00:03 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord digs his claws into the dirt, his anger and ferocity evident in the way he growls. He lowers his muzzle, preparing to charge the bear and ram him in the shoulder to knock him off balance.
23:00:49 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord looks at Surlain and casts [Purify].
23:01:21 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Woodpaw takes down Shadowclaw. And the priestess casts purify upon him. Shadowclaw's mind starts to clear.
23:01:30 Surlain lies down.
23:01:42 Daderossa-WyrmrestAccord whispers to Melker "Are you ok?"
23:02:11 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: This quest is proving to be quite perilous...
23:02:20 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Can you get us home?
23:02:23 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Myster....
23:02:29 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: Of course
23:02:44 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord bares his teeth at the Elder, posturing himself agressively until Surlain regained his senses.
23:02:52 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord shakily gets on her feet and brushes stray detritus from her pants.
23:03:03 Melker-WyrmrestAccord stumbles to his feet.
23:03:16 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord shakes his head at the spell and notices bear over him, he growls and shifts into his cat form to squirm from under the bear large bulk.
23:03:17 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: At least we know where they are cultivated...
23:03:35 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Let's leave this place, we've made too much noise.
23:03:39 [Mystermagic-WyrmrestAccord]: Let us return to Stormwind friends
23:03:43 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I wasn't ready for an ambush.
23:04:38 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord 's exhaustion is evident. Returning to his Kaldorei form, he kneels in the grass panting, golden eyes glaring angrily at Surlain.
23:04:43 You kneel before Surlain.
23:04:43 [Lorebane-WyrmrestAccord]: (looked it up no benefits from syndicate and can only be neutral)
23:04:43 Surlain-WyrmrestAccord hisses at the bear before shifting into his elf form, drawing a knife he kneels and harvests some of the mushrooms. Sealing them in pouches as the others leave.
23:04:50 Surlain kneels down.
23:04:59 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Please. We can't stay.
23:05:02 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Go!
23:05:12 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord wraps her arm around Myth's shoulders. "C'mon, we need to go."
23:05:26 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord pushes himself to his feet with a nod.
23:05:36 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: Can you two make it away safely?
23:05:43 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord nods. "We can."
23:06:06 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I'll leave with the other soldiers and meet you in Stormwind. Light be with you.
23:06:14 Melker bows before Talandrea.
23:06:16 [Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord]: Take care, captain.
23:06:17 Melker bows before you.
23:06:25 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: And you, Talandrea.
23:06:45 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: You fought bravely ...
23:06:50 [Melker-WyrmrestAccord]: I will not forget.
23:06:52 Melker salutes you with respect.
23:07:14 Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord sighs. "Let's hurry and take the portal. I want to get out of this place."
23:08:13 [Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord]: And... it was nice seeing your form. Though I wish it was under better circumstances.
23:08:24 Mythrenath-WyrmrestAccord nods silently, expression weary.
23:08:45 [Talandrea-WyrmrestAccord]: Let's go rest.

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