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How does your character view religion? Who or what taught them about their chosen religion? Are they deeply religious, or not at all? Do they follow blindly, or do they have their own opinions that differ from the mass teachings? How have their beliefs shaped them?

Remember that in Azeroth, deities might have physical representations that have interacted with your character. What are their opinions of religions that are not your character's personal beliefs?
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It is this word, this concept, that fuels Drascar Shadebough. It is the foundation upon which he builds his thoughts; the distilled essence of the teachings brought to him when he was a much younger being, one who desperately sought forgiveness and a return to a form that was being threatened. In nature, Shan'do Cenarius and Stormrage teach, there is balance. It is the physical incarnation of balance, as nature will begin to wither and die when that balance is disrupted. Nature, even in its destructive fury, must be preserved, and with it, life. But to safeguard that balance, its guardians must find balance within themselves. For many, the requisite patience was a deterrence. Drascar found the patience. Gave himself the patience. Drascar Shadebough made himself patient. For him, it was more than a step on the path to druidism: it was a direct path to salvation.

In many ways, it still is.

Even now, though he remains distant from the Circle, he actively seeks to preserve that balance in accordance with teachings given to him at a time when the world was whole, a time most only know from stories either told by historians or ruins. But time has done nothing to wear down his belief. No, for Drascar Shadebough, who has seen the cycle repeat so many times, his faith is stronger than ever, and will remain so long as he does: never fading, bending, or cracking. An unweathered relic from a time long past.
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