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Everyone is scared of something.

Does your character have any particular fears? Are they minor annoyances, or crippling phobias? How do they cope with their fear? When is the last time they had to face what scared them, and did they succeed in getting past it?
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"Good Enough"
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The blackened earth crunched into dust under his bare feet. His robes, while always tattered, we're torn to shreds, his scythe lay broken at his feet. His scar was aflame. The fire spreading uncontrollably.

To his left stood his shadow, looking away over the darkening horizon with Azrexil. To his right stood a small girl, no more than 10, with a dark and foreboding shadow looming over her.

His shadow spoke first, "We failed, didn't we?" it's voice void of its usual mirth. "They won." His shadow sat down in the black dust, defeated.

"As if any of you could have stood against us." The girl, or her shadow, or both, said. "Take solace, you all fought well. Not since the pantheon have we been challenged like this." Her voice was just one of many, all speaking in unison. "Not even the mighty legion was spared our wrath."

Azrexil looks down at his blood pooling around his feet, and falls hard to his knees. "Why?" he poses the question to nothing and no one. Just a question that needed an answer when none existed.

His shadow buries it's face in its hands, the girl and her infinite number of shadows stands proudly over the broken and dead world, and the warlock closes his eyes for the last time, the fire finally going out.
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Another non-wow thing. Fanfic isn't typically my forte. This is, instead, a glimpse at lives on the eve of the return of magic to the world.


She isn't the type of person who gets scared so it's almost a miracle that she's taking the stairs three at a time because the lights have gone and all she can think of are the last few seconds of video broadcast from their shared flat. Her boot catches on the lip of rubber over concrete and she falls forward, too driven by adrenaline to feel the rough scrape against her palms and chin, too focused to see the faint smudge of blood, and when she reaches the fifth floor the door's sudden appearance confounds her for a moment before she shoulders through and to the left.

No lights here either except the red glow of the exit sign just behind, now, and it's matched friend at the other end of the hall. There aren't any sounds on this level; the meeting place for students in emergencies is two buildings down and everyone should be in Hyde Hall's communal area. Shae is certain beyond reason that the girl she's looking for won't have moved, that she'll be waiting for someone to come and find her. Alessa isn't a coward, but she hasn't had time to think it through yet and things between them were left too vague over the comlinks before everything went dead-air.

Her fingers trail along the right wall lightly, testing each step before resting her weight and counting all the doors both open and closed. Three is open, and some light pools into the hall from the window just visible around a corner. Four across the hall is closed, but there's some sort of bag by the door with contents spilled across her path - the twins left in a hurry. Or one of them did, at least. Five is closed, and her fingers grasp the cold metal knob and give a slow turn. She fully expects the lock to catch, and when it doesn't her heart feels like it might pound through her chest. This isn't the time, a voice in her head chides, and Shae manages a firm nod but closes her eyes before slipping inside and closing the door firmly behind her. For a moment she gropes for the manual lock, and when she finds it she gives a violent twist until it slams home with a hearty thunk.

If Alessa is there, and if she has heard, she gives no sign. When Shae opens her eyes there's a glow like moonlight or starlight further in, and her whole body trembles as she moves towards it. This is the worst outcome. This is fear, and it lances through her like claws in flesh. The air smells cold and clean, but electric like ozone. She turns the first corner into their shared bedroom and stops in the doorway.

It is exactly as she last saw it.

Alessa is sitting against the far wall with her head down, autumnal hair hiding her eyes but her lips are curved into a tiny smile and her face is streaked with tears. She trembles visibly, and the glow comes from her pale skin where sigils and symbols in concentric and interwoven circles swirl in soft silver light. "It was always true," she mumbles and her lips crack and bleed, and not for the first time Shae is acutely aware of how long she's been here like this, all alone in the freezing dark. "And you came back for me."

All Shae can think to say, stumbling hard over the words, is, "I don't believe in magic."

Her heart almost breaks when amethyst eyes meet hers, and Alessa's voice teeters on edge between joy and self-hatred when she says, "I know, but I do."

From the mountains in the north comes a howling, and Shae knows intrinsically that it's a sound of triumph. She sinks to her knees and presses her forehead to the floor, and for the first time since they've met Alessa doesn't try to comfort her.
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