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Everyone has personal items of varying worth and significance. Does your character have anything that they prize above all other things? (We're not talking about a special someone or memory - think actual item) Who gave them their treasure, or how did they acquire it? What does it mean to them and why?

And what would happen if they were to lose it somehow?
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Azrexil has a few items.

1: The tattered book of children's drawings. He doesn't know who gave it too him, or what it means. What he does know however, is he will protect the book with his life, and incinerate anyone who attempts to take it from him.

2: A series of love letters written to and from someone. Like the book, he has no idea how he came by these. He keeps them in his study, and often reads them over and over trying to piece something familiar together from his forgotten past.

3: A red lizard named Kircia that has a tendency to explode randomly. Found in a vault of forgotten relics. She lives inside his robes and emerges periodically. Azrexil doesn't worry too much about her. She always turns up inside his robes eventually.
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Among the Kaldorei, it is long-standing tradition to keep one of the fangs of an individual elf's nightsaber companion after it passes; for such a long-lived race, this serves as a constant reminder that the past is very much a part of their daily existence and to treasure every moment spent with friends. For Drascar Shadebough, it is a direct conduit to his past, a physical remnant of a time before chaos and suffering, when a younger man dreamt of greatness.

She is timid; a small beast that gingerly tests the ground before each step and shrinks back before any activity above casual conversation. Drascar had chosen her for this reason. Her large golden eyes scan the area long before she acts, searching for danger and a means of escape. He sees intellect beyond average in her fear, and is determined to show her, to teach her to understand her gift.
She understands that she is his companion and he is hers, and she does not fear him. He carries her in his arms, bringing her close to others that she is unsure of and teaching her to be fearless among other beings. Soon there is no need to carry her, and she follows at his side and allows her curiosity to pull her attention to movement, to other sabers and elves and the many beings they interact with on a regular basis. Drascar is beyond proud, and showers her with praise. She lives the life of a Highborne next to her friend and caretaker, learning of the world at his side and growing.

He names her Kal'shala, Little Shadow, an irony given her eventual size. For now, she continues to accompany him during his time in the court of the Highborne, providing him with an unexpected source of comfort; how many times had he grown needlessly frustrated with his own spellwork, only to feel her nudge against him and look up with her large, golden eyes full of calm intellect? She brings him balance where he does not possess it, and only then does he truly understand how precious such friendship could be -- not only for him, but any kaldorei.

Time passes and his Little Shadow is no longer so little, having come into her own during their years spent split between the spires of Suramar and the surrounding wilderness. She remains ever at his side, however, loyal even as he leaves his life behind to study under the tutelage of the Wild God Cenarius. She takes to the wilds as he does, their bond only strengthening as he learns how to truly understand her thoughts and actions. As the Highborne further the damnation of Kalimdor he finds solace in her presence, hiding his face in her thick fur and asking, tear-stained, for forgiveness for taking the lives of those he once considered friends and for aiding in their mad schemes. She thinks no less of him.

The conflict escalates into all-out war, and Drascar aids the Resistance with a ferocity to match his once-timid companion, his Little Shadow that has grown into the great hunter he knew she would become. She sees the conflict within him as he slays his kin and hurts as he does on some level she can't quite comprehend, but the sorrow settles in her heart all the same, driving her to protect him with all of the primal fury she can bring to bear. They are only two against a seemingly endless Legion, however, and in the penultimate battle over the Well of Eternity and facing the overwhelming might of the demons and corrupt Highborne, they are separated. His concern is overshadowed by his confidence in her, and it is not until they are reunited that he realizes his folly.

Even as Drascar approaches he can see her body, lying among the shredded corpses of stalkers and imps with one still locked in her jaws. His heart drops and he is overcome by a combination of anguish and rage which urge his feet forward at a run until he drops to his knees before her, tossing the torn bodies away as a final impotent outburst before falling upon her form and giving in. He presses his face against her coat, his sorrow deepening as he realizes that even something so familiar and unmistakable has been tainted by the bodies and blood of the demons that had taken her life. Her eyes are still open, their once-shining gold now dim, their calm intelligence faded and replaced with the emptiness of which he has seen so much recently. He pulls his hand down over each eye and rises to his feet, the previous anguish and rage he had felt before giving way to a much more powerful emotion: resolve.

Kal'shala is buried as a warrior, and as per tradition, Drascar is given one of her massive fangs. He grasps it tightly in his hand, the earlier emotions surging back in a wave that leaves him dizzy. He spends the entire night and day near her resting place, centering himself and finding the balance he once could so easily achieve with her large head pressed against his own.

The final battle rages with Drascar among the vanguard, his only reminder of his closest friend held high in the air as the chaos before him blurs behind a wall of pain and fury. Hers is not the only loss that drives him, but it is the most painful because he cannot blame anything or anyone but himself; but it does drive him to fight harder than ever before, to protect those that are still living and to protect what is left of this quickly-crumbling world. And then the war is over. The war is over and the world has emerged from the brink of destruction, a new and possibly alien world and Drascar Shadebough emerges with it, his mind as clear as his newfound purpose. Where he roams, friends will always have an ally to count on. And he will always have his little shadow.
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Three million years late :|

Talandrea's most important treasure is a necklace with a glossy obsidian crow. It hangs from a silver chain alongside hand blown glass beads, feather charms, and a few black talons. She used this necklace as a shapeshifting focus when she was a new druid of the talon, and while she doesn't need it like she used to, she still keeps it in her bag just in case.

Another important treasure is a collection of journals and books. The set consists of most of the research she and her father completed over the years, along with personal day-to-day writings and gifts given to them by other people. She usually drags a few with her while traveling.

Her final treasure is a hidden cavern in the mountains between Howling Fjord and Grizzly Hills. It used to be a storage space for relics during the Northrend campaign, but she converted it into a research project getaway after they were removed. The cavern is a large, open space with five offshoots, and various flowers, mushrooms, vines, and grasses line the stone. Some of the thicker stalactites and stalagmites are enchanted to help keep out the cold. Two offshoots were specially prepared to resist the elements for relic storage, but she converted these spaces into a reading room and a bedroom.
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