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((This one is a little different, focusing on another character pair Kali and I have: Lyhanna and Durelian!))

Most Death Knights claim, now, that their memories of serving the Lich King are muddled or empty; that they served their creator and master mindlessly. They are liars. Durelian Everbough remembers everything, from his second birth as a member of the Scourge to the immediate, jarring liberation from Arthas' grasp. Death Knights are not programmed to be mindless, for a simple thrall does not make a skilled tactician, or a powerful warrior. They are resurrected with their minds and their skills intact, but are instilled with, among other things, an indomitable urge to obey the command of their master. Another of these things is rage: a fury that drives these knights to battle, and rises into a monstrous blood rage upon entering it. They are given no other emotions; no fear, no love, not even hate, not truly. Only fragments that convey pieces of an image like a shattered mirror, leftover scraps of the beings they once were.

This has not stopped many of the newly liberated death knights from seeking redemption in whatever way they may, though generally it is only on the field of battle that they may find themselves forgiven for their past transgressions. Durelian chose to wander. He knew that there would be no return to his own people, the night elves to whom the Scourge is anathema. Cold logic deemed their judgment correct, and he holds no particular hate for them. So he wandered, fighting for the objective good of the world he had unwillingly done his part to destroy, holding no faction or order responsible for his redemption like a prisoner waiting out a sentence. He remembers causing pain and enduring pain, both driving him into a rage that would see his targets utterly destroyed, and the subsequent rush that accompanied it. Even now he feels it, with only the same cold logic guiding him along his newly-chosen path of "good". It was this that eventually led to him seeking a purpose; after all, a weapon with no use is best cast away, and what are the death knights if not weapons?

Only now does he understand how odd it is that he and Lyhanna are bound together. Never mind her antics or her feigned or willing ignorance of the world around her, because these are simply the actions of a girl with nothing but a husk for a companion. He can feel, though. He can feel through her, his new proxy, and through her he catches glimpses and ephemeral strands of a world that they would have shared had his fate been different. Would they have shared it though? He thinks to himself, knowing that she can at least glean basic meaning from the bond they share. Had he not been slain, would he have a calm life? Would he have a wife, a family, following his chosen path and maintaining the balance of nature? A slight tug against his subconscious and he realizes that Lyhanna knows more than she lets on, trying to pull away like a house pet struggling against a too-tight grasp. It is irrelevant, as they are here now, and he would not like to be anywhere else. Even if he could not “live” vicariously through this child that is his ward, he would not leave her side. This is his path now, the one he has chosen. With her. Good and bad are irrelevant, as balance will be maintained regardless; and if Lyhanna Valron asked him to, he would face down gods with a grin on his face and fury in his blackened heart.
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