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Super abridged and, as always, still a WIP. Still researchin' lore and shit, but basics of the character is there.
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Haelind Farmourn (Lak'zum)

Race: Human
Age: ?? 20-something??
Occupation: Researcher/Mercenary (though depends heavily what lie he feels like telling at the time)
Birthplace: Somewhere in Kalimdor
Residence: Stormwind
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Height: 6'
Build: The easily-breakable scrawny kind


He was slim and scrawny, as if in his formative years he didn't quite grow up eating proper. He was awkward, stiff, and though he had a face that could be described as both masculine and feminine it didn't seem to make him any more of an attractive individual -- if anything, it only served to make him just a touch off-putting. He had square jaw and high cheekbones that almost exaggerated his gauntness, as if his skin hugged far too tightly to his face.

Hilariously, though, his voice didn't seem to quite fit his body; it was deep, reverberating, and overall awkward for a man of his pathetically wispy stature. Were he carrying himself differently, it could likely even be interpreted as intimidating.

But the vast majority of the time, it was not. Merely awkward, even though the man seemed friendly enough. He spoke warmly, he greeted most people with a smile... yet for some weird reason, he always looked tired.


(Note: I might have dates wrong, though the details aren't entirely important. Premise remains the same)

After their defeat at the Tomb of Sargeras, and following their restructuring into more of a cult than an orcish clan, it is said that the Twilight Hammer came across several children across their journey in Kalimdor. Some were killed. Some were left without parents. And others were taken. Even rarer still, some offered to join -- as did Haelind, likely when he was far too young to realize the ramifications behind such a bargain.

He was raised -- and that term should be used loosely -- as Lak'zum, with the intent of eventually infiltrating human cities, spreading discord, and bringing others to the call of the apocalypse. Sent with the 'Apocalyptic Cult' just before the coming of Deathwing, he was gifted the more 'appropriate' human name Haelind Farmourn... but unlike many of his peers, he decided to take a far more subtle approach to sowing discord. And following the next series of catastrophes the Twilight Hammer faced, it probably saved his life.

With the Twilight Hammer leadership twice killed, their Harbinger defeated, and many of the other cultists either arrested or executed, Haelind did what he knew best: lied his way into becoming more or less a 'normal' citizen of Stormwind. With no leadership, direction, and no way of identifying other Twilight spies in Stormwind, he waited years for orders. He has since given up, instead deciding to pursue his own personal interest of the Old Gods and eagerly awaiting the next world-shattering event Azeroth faces.


He is an enormous liar more than willing to play the part of a nice, caring individual for the purposes of hiding and not seeming suspicious. He purposely tries to pose as an awkward unskilled mage, only ever rarely using shadow magic in front of others and handwaving it as "magic can manifest in unpredictable forms!" Basically: if you want him in your RP, he isn't gonna act like a whopping dickhead. And if he does, he's gonna lie, hide, and conceal that fact the best he can.
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