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The fel-tainted flames of the Legion had begun to scorch the land in great swaths, and Drascar knew that even with the help of the druids, it would take Nordrassil much effort to combat the corruption that had so quickly settled deep into the earth. Anger began to well up in his chest, a dull but oppressive heat he had not felt in many, many years. It flushed through his body like a sickness, like the corruption he could feel infecting the mountain, and try as he might to maintain balance within himself and focus on the task at hand, he feared a loss of control. His task, to oversee younger druids as they set about countering the damage to Hyjal wrought by the demons in their passing, was an important one, but it was not one he preferred. No, Drascar Shadebough very much wished to be battling the demons head-on, as he had once before so very long ago. That these corrupt mongrels would return to his world yet again in search of conquest did nothing but fuel what was now burgeoning fury within. The group of kaldorei heard the demons before seeing them, but only just. They rounded the bend nearby and charged, roaring and screaming with bloodlust.

It was a group of five demons: two felhounds and a succubus with two massive felguard leading the charge. The kaldorei had turned by now, some startled but all prepared to fight and calling up various nature magics to combat the demons as they approached; but before a spell could be cast, before the demon's warcries had begun to die down, Drascar allowed himself to relinquish control of the anger that bubbled up within. He stepped forward, digging his clawed toes into the soft topsoil, and roared.

The fury washed over him as roared, baring his elongated fangs like a wild animal issuing a simple challenge: step forward and be destroyed. As suddenly as he issued his challenge a fierce wind began to whip around the group of druids, causing some of the already startled kaldorei nearby to back away, unsure of what power the elder druid called upon. The wind surged around the group, leaving them mostly unscathed on its path toward the demons and quickly slowing their charge to a halt. Within moments, the assault party was forced to give ground, step by step. The wind picked up further, swirling about the demons and culminating in a vortex that lifted all but the felguard into the air, slamming the felhunters and succubus into the ground, trees, each other, and eventually the larger demons who refused to leave the earth, the force of the impact lifting them to join in the chaos. "WRETCHES!" Drascar roared as the sky above them darkened further, clouds quickly condensing and loosing rain upon both parties. The kaldorei clung to one another for stability, holding to trees and roots that quickly became slick with water driven by gale winds.

Drascar opened his mouth to shout once more, but the sound was cut off by a near-deafening crash as a bolt of lightning struck the center of the group of demons, its light briefly blinding to those that looked on and the following thunder near-defeaning. After the first bolt struck several others followed in rapid succession, and just audible above the screaming wind could be heard the cries of agony from the demons caught within the vortex. From somewhere that seemed far away, Drascar could hear the demons cry out, as well as a shout of fear from voices closer and more familiar to him. Rage whirled in his mind like the wind that whipped raindrops against his bare skin, quickly joining the chorus of the crashing of lighting and snapping of tree limbs within the furious hurricane winds.

Brightly-glowing amber eyes scanned the hurricane, spotting each individual demon as they were dashed against anything and everything within range, their bodies impacting limply and eliciting no cries, no sounds above the storm. With this, his rage began to abate, melting away with the winds that slowed and faded, the clouds that thinned and took with them the rain to reveal a sky that seemed oblivious to the war being waged below. The new silence was jarring enough to bring Drascar fully to his senses, and he looked to his charges. The younger kaldorei gazed up to him, their rain-soaked visages equal parts fear and reverence. He smiled at them, offering a slight nod and motioning with clawed hands to proceed with their work.

"I apologize. I had to put the fires out."
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