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Highly abridged. This post is for possible future expansion.
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Race: Human
Age: Early 50s
Occupation: Free lance
Residence: Lunarfall, Draenor

Height: 6'2" (1.88 m)
Weight: 215 lbs (98 kg)


Though gray-haired, this human would be considered hale and fit for a man half his age. Broad shoulders carry the weight of his heavy armor with ease and he moves with surprising agility, as though it were a second skin. A number of scars, particularly on his large, rough-knuckled hands, are a testament to a lifetime spent in battle.

His face is careworn, and his dark green eyes have a certain sadness to them, but there is still a quiet determination to the set of his features and more than a few of the lines around his eyes are from mirth as much as age.

His arms and armor are exceptionally well crafted and cared for, though their aesthetic might be somewhat plain by some standards. Though he travels with a selection of weaponry, he favors a longsword for general use, a keen but unadorned weapon.

Over his armor, he typically wears an old Argent Dawn tabard, lovingly cared for and carefully repaired many times over the years, though he has been known to wear the colors of Stormwind, particularly when working with Alliance forces with whom he's likely to invoke his title. A plain traveling cloak, brown or gray, rounds out his everyday wear.

Off the field of battle he's likely to be mistaken for a smith or farrier, as he frequently carries appropriate tools with him and favors practical work clothing. Only a quel'dorei fighting blade at his belt might give a clue to his status under such circumstances.


Though not particularly famous, Camaris has worked across the Eastern Kingdoms for most of his adult life, serving the Alliance directly for a good part of it, and might be recognized by others who served in the same theaters. At times his work as a smith and armorer has surpassed his prestige as a knight errant.

As a young man, Camaris worked as a sellsword along the trade routes between Ironforge, Menethil Harbor, and Southshore, particularly the dangerous land route passing through what was left of Stromgarde and Durnholde, with occasional side trips to Dun Garok, Aerie Peak, or aiding and supplying the nascent Argent Dawn operating in what was left of Lordaeron.

In the decade before the Burning Crusade, he migrated south to the Kingdom of Stormwind and worked as a mercenary guard in Northshire before fighting with the Horde in the Arathi Highlands and Alterac Valley began to intensify sharply. For his valor there, he was knighted and eventually rose to the rank of Knight-Captain as he raised a small warband and worked closely with the last Keepers of Stromgarde, the Argent Dawn, and other Alliance forces.

During the Crusade he was mostly involved in the fighting around Honor Hold and was posted to the Allerian Stronghold for a time. In Northrend he was present at the Wrathgate and worked closely with Argent Crusade forces in laying the groundwork for the assault on Icecrown Citadel.

After Arthas's death, he remained in Northrend for many years, keeping a quiet profile, though he was a common sight between Valgarde, Westguard Keep, and the Amberpine Lodge. It wasn't until well after the Cataclysm, during the Siege of Wyrmrest Temple, that he took up arms again, and even then it was months after Deathwing's fall that he finally returned south to the Eastern Kingdoms.

He made his way to Pandaria as the crisis there reached a head, and during the campaign against Lei Shin he contracted to the Exarch Taevannya's Free Company. The two formed a strong bond and he was brought as an aide and agent with her through the reopened Dark Portal to pursue the escaped Garrosh Hellscream, and forge whatever alliances are needed to contain the threats on Draenor and prevent history from repeating itself.


The history given above isn't meant to be comprehensive, rather it represents a "work history" for Cam from which other characters might recognize him or have met him before. I've been intentionally vague about his earliest years and where he grew up, though he might look familiar to first or second generation Silver Hand knights, and at the height of his (limited) popularity just after the original Alterac Valley campaigns and at occasional intervals thereafter he's been known as "the Twice-Made Knight."
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