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As if I have more than one character.
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Occupation: Rangari

Race: Draenei
Height: 21.26 hh (220 cm)
Weight: 15.75 st. (100 kg)

The pastel woodsman scans her surroundings cautiously, sullen eyes exaggerating pronounced cheekbones. Neatly brushed bangs deflect the occasional met glance and veil one half or her face. Lips frigid and eyes narrowed, tepid yet deliberate steps reveal a contemplative focus.

The fittings on her armor are discoloured and wrinkled with use, linking segmented layers of hardened leather. Underneath svelte musculature composes a lithe yet athletic build. Slender fingers suggest an affinity for delicate work, but centuries of callouses betray disparate reality.

Age: ~300 Azeroth years
Home: Telaari Station
Birthplace: Genedar

Aboard the cramped crystal forges of the Genedar, Viilea apprenticed as a watchmaker under her father's tutelage. Years later following the crash, one of her contraptions caught the eye of a young Warsong scout. Together they scoured the land for lost treasures and forgotten paths. From him she learned to live with the land as his ancestors once did. Exchanging knowledge, Viilea repaid his guidance with insight into crystal-driven technology.

An acquired affinity for the wilds made Viilea well-suited to become Rangari. Away on a mission when Telaar fell, she hid in the wilds until the arrival of the Valiance Expedition. Viilea now seeks allies to combat the latest threat to her homeland: The Burning Legion.
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