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1.) What animal or creature best symbolizes your character? Which traits do the two share? Which are different? Is this creature or beast the same as your totemic animal? If not, why not?

2.) How does your character view life? Is it a puzzle? A challenge? A stream of events? How does your character fit in? Does your character care?

3.) What is your character most afraid of? Why? Is your character aware of this fear? What would your character do when confronted by this fear?

4.) What was your favorite adventure? Why?

5.) How do you feel about stealing? What justification do you need? How far would you go to steal/recover something? Do you see adventuring as robbery (of poor orcs/ogres/dragons/etc) or justice?

6.) Do you feel you risk your life when you adventure? Why (not)? Have you ever thought about the odds of survival? Do you care?

7.) Are you a virgin? If not, what was your first time like -- the partner, the experience, the relationship, etc? Either way, how has this affected your life?

8.) What secrets does your character keep? How personal are they? Whom do/would you confide in?

9.) Does your character like him/herself? Why (not)? Do you as the player agree?

10.) What characteristic are you most interested in improving? Why? How would this change your life?

11.) Are you a fairly independent person? How often do you ask others for aid? How well do you work in a group?

12.) How does your character react to clerics and other "god-servants"? Do you hold people or things as sacred? How do you feel about rival deities and faiths?

13.) How easy is it for you to kill? Do you limit yourself to slaying only monsters? Only non-humanoids? Animals? Do you ever try to restrain foes with non-lethal force? What are your limits?

14.) Do you believe in destiny? Do you have a specific destiny to fulfill? How does this belief color your decisions?

15.) What fallacies or myths do you believe in? Examples: psionic powers/drow/spell-jamming don't exist, Oerth is flat, all witches are evil, DC is NOT God, etc. Please keep in mind your cultural biases.

16.) What magical item does your character most want? Why?

17.) If you could change any one thing about your character, what would it be? Why? Would the character also want to change this?

18.) Do you want to have a family and/or children? Why (not)? If your character is part of a lineage, explain what that ancestral connection means to you.

19.) If your character could become some other person or creature what would it be? Why does your character feel this way? As the player, do you agree/feel this is a valid reason?

20.) What is your definition of happiness? Have you ever achieved this? What would you do to achieve this state (again)?

21.) What would you as the player most like to see happen to your character? Why?

22.) Do you believe in Law or Justice? Which is more important, the Ends or the Means? If your answers vary with the situation, please explain.

23.) Have you ever been in love? With whom and when? What would you do to achieve a strong and healthy romantic relationship?

24.) If your character was born and raised in our 20th century Earth, how would you live? What profession would you pursue? What kind of car would you drive? Your favorite band? Describe your probable life-style (vagabond, married with children, socialite, etc)?

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