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1.) Your character needs a horse for a long journey. Describe the steed's size, coloring, build, training and personality. Would your character rather make use of an exotic mount and/or use an esoteric manner of travel?

2.) What are your character's views on death and dying? What would be the "perfect death"? What would be a shallow or meaningless death? If your character has already died and been raised, how has this experience changed your views?

3.) From your character's viewpoint, which is better, being loved or feared? If the answer varies according to situation, please explain.

4.) Why is your character an adventurer? Is it the money? The magic? The power? The challenge? The excitement? The hand of Fate? Some combination of these?

5.) You return to a comfortable way-side inn that has housed you in comfort numerous times over the years. You find that the kindly family has just been threatened, beaten and robbed. You have the means to track down the guilty bandits. What do you do? Would your answer change if members of the tavern-master's family were killed or raped?

6.) Would your character be comfortable being reincarnated? Why (not)? (Remember, when a person is reincarnated, they often experience a fundamental shift in their personality. How would your character cope with this?)

7.) What was your character like as a child? How were you treated? Have you changed much? Was your character a late-bloomer, a wimp, a bully, a nerd, a snitch, a klutz or a rascal?

8.) Who were your character's childhood friends and companions? Were there strong bonds between you? Where are these friends now?

9.) What would provoke you to murder someone (not kill -- actually hunt down, stalk and slay without mercy)? This assumes the victim is of your same race, sex and social status.

10.) What are your character's strongest traits, personality-wise? What do others see in you? Do you agree? Do you as the character agree?

11.) What emotions can your character express easily to others? Which are more difficult? Which do you hide from others?

12.) What is your relationship with your god(s)? Are you devout? Do you feel that you have a personal relationship with the deity or more of an impersonal tie to the church and/or the social organization it represents?

13.) What were your thoughts the first time your character took a life (you may choose whether it was sentient or not)? How did this effect you?

14.) What is event or characteristic is your character most proud of? What meaning does this have in your life? Does your character display this pride openly or is it a personal matter?

15.) If you could live anywhere in the multiverse, where would it be and why? Would you bring others with you? If you are tied to one location, would you change the traits of that area?

16.) If you could have any one thing, what would it be? What purpose would you put it to?

17.) What is your character's greatest ambition? Do you have life-goal? Do you merely follow where events lead you?

18.) What is your character's family like? Your parents, siblings, cousins, home town, etc. Do you still think about them? Do you still see them?

19.) How does your character see others? What is your character's self-image in the eyes of others, as perceived by the character? Is this different than the player's viewpoint?

20.) What is your character's most prized possession and why? What would you do if it was stolen? If it was lost? If it was willfully destroyed?

21.) If your character had a wish, what would it be? Please be as long-winded as possible!

22.) Why has your character taken your particular alignment? What relationship does your character feel towards others of his ethos? Is your character evangelistic in this regard?

23.) Who is your character's best friend(s)? Would you sacrifice your life for this/these people? What is the basis of your relationship?

24.) If your character was suddenly catapulted onto 20th century Earth, how would you live? What profession would you pursue? Describe your probable life-style (vagabond, married with children, socialite, etc)?

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