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1.) What is your character's complete physical description? What is his/her race, age, height, weight, build? Hair color, length and type? Eye and skin tone? Unusual marks or scars? Bearing and usual demeanor? Typical garb (include multiple scenarios, if appropriate)?

2.) What is your character's complete psychological description? What are his/her ethics, religion, philosophy, and deity? What kind of personality and interests does he/she have? Is he/she intense, passionate, prone to violence, insane, crafty, etc?

3.) What are your characters hobbies? What does your character generally do in his/her leisure time? What does your character do to "unwind"?

4.) Why does your character have the class, weapon proficiencies, skills, and languages that he/she does?

5.) What are your character's favorite things? Colors, smells, foods, drinks, sounds, animals, locations, etc. What are your character's least favorite things?

6.) Who are your character's current friends, lovers, allies and associates? What is the nature and intensity of these relationships?

7.) Who and what are your character's enemies and foes? Are these based on personal experience, second-hand encounters, cultural biases, etc?

8.) Does your character have any pets, henchbeings or constant companions? Does your character want any?

9.) What were your character's previous adventures and experiences? How have they shaped who your character is today?

10.) What are your character's attitudes, habits and vices? Does he/she drink, smoke, do drugs, have sex, gamble, steal, etc?

11.) What are your character's fears, phobias and issues? Do you have unresolved childhood traumas?

12.) Where does your character call home? Why? Have there been previous "homes"? Is your character a wanderer?

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