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[Pinned] Guild Rules

[Pinned] Guild Rules

<Battle Hardened> started out as a group of friends and family, and we'd like to keep it that way, with trust and understanding throughout all of our members. To do so requires a few ground rules. Please note: These rules may be updated a...
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Writing Prompts, IC Journals, and Character Development

[Pinned] Advanced Character Development

1.) What animal or creature best symbolizes your character? Which traits do the two share? Which are different? Is this creature or beast the same as your totemic animal? If not, why not? 2.) How does your character view life? Is it a puzzle? A ch...
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Writing Prompts, IC Journals, and Character Development

[Pinned] Intermediate Character Development

1.) Your character needs a horse for a long journey. Describe the steed's size, coloring, build, training and personality. Would your character rather make use of an exotic mount and/or use an esoteric manner of travel? 2.) What are your character...
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Writing Prompts, IC Journals, and Character Development

[Pinned] Basic Character Development

1.) What is your character's complete physical description? What is his/her race, age, height, weight, build? Hair color, length and type? Eye and skin tone? Unusual marks or scars? Bearing and usual demeanor? Typical garb (include multiple scenar...
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Writing Prompts, IC Journals, and Character Development

[Pinned] Outline for Creating a Fictional Character

Stumbled around on tumblr, and found this post regarding how to make your characters seem more realistic and developed. You should be able to say at least a little bit about each of the circle blurbs. If you can't, sit down and think about it fo...
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[Pinned] Mumble Info

[Pinned] Mumble Info

<Battle Hardened> Mumble InfoServer: battlehardened.mumble.comPort: 6501PW: check the guild info in-game!Step 1: Download Mumble! Install it, and open it up.Step 2: Click "Add New" at the bottom of the launcher. This should bring up a mi...
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Enigmaniac 4/10

something came up and i can't make it tonight guys sorry!
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Mhryya 4/5, 4/12, 4/19

I’m missing the next 3 weeks as I’ve got some crazy travel stuff going on. That means I’ll have missed a month straight of raid nights (big oof) but rest assured this month is mayhem but it’ll die down and I’ll be back afterwards :)
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Syl 3/25

Trip to the beach. Will be absent
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Kassir March 20 (Potentially)

One of my siblings called to let me know they needed help tonight. There's a chance it doesn't interfere with raid time, but there's a possibility I won't be able to make it tonight.
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Mhryya 3/15 3/16

I’ll probably miss this week’s raid because I’m getting my wisdom teeth out. It’s not 100% that I won’t be there, it depends how I redact to the anesthesia and all. But Friday is almost certainly a miss and Saturday seems decently likely. If I sho...
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Verile 2/12

Have an important call at 7:30CST (30 minutes before raid). Not sure how long it will last so I could be late.
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Virile1117Member avatar small Virile 252d

Rulender 2/8-2/9 T2

I'm unable to make the T2 raids this weekend. I have to go out of state and get my car serviced/
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Mhryya 2/8 team 2

I am going to an event with some friends and will be missing tonight, 2/8
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Tinymagic team 2 1/25 and 1/28

If i can make in on saturday i will but i have a prior engagement i cannot miss!
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Surlain 1/15-16

I might be late to tuesdays raid and probably at least an hour late the wedsdays due to basic training for my job.
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Kassir/Denebola out 1/2

I'll be out of town until Monday starting on this Wednesday (January 2nd) so making it to raid for that Wednesday won't be possible. I'll be back Sunday night, so its business as usual after that.
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Hallun out Dec 25th to Jan 10th.

Hi, I am heading off to Denmark for the holiday so while I am bringing my laptop to play the Ah - I won't be able to raid or be in the same time zone.Have a great holiday!
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Mhryya out 12/21, 12/22, 1/4, 1/5

More holiday travel! I’m usually around much much more I promise, it’s just this specific time of year when my family travels a lot.
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Mhryya absent from team 2 12/15

I’ll be absent from team 2 tonight as my family is going to a concert downtown. There are a few other days in coming weeks I’ll have to miss due to holiday travel, I’ll be posting the specific ones soon but wanted to give a preliminary heads up.
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